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Years 1-4

It is during their time at Primary School that our girls continue to evolve as a person with a purpose. Each year builds on the previous one and offers more and more opportunities to explore the world around us.

Year 1

It is important we consolidate our girls’ understanding in early literacy and numeracy in Year 1 so they can build upon those foundations as they grow. Personalities evolve and there is a greater sense of freedom among our students as they move to a bigger playground, form relationships and work together.

We introduce the wonderful world of Drama into the curriculum alongside Art, Chinese, Dance, Library, Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies. These subjects give our girls another outlet for their talents as they develop confidence.

Each of our girls continues to work with a buddy, who will become a mentor and friend both in the classroom and playground.

Year 2

There is so much to be discovered and in Year 2, as our girls learn more about the world around them. Our students will work with our College Archivist on special projects and gain in insight into the school.

Our girls continue to refine and consolidate their understanding in literacy and numeracy this year. They become more discerning readers and develop greater independence in their writing. They also discover more about the Chinese language and culture in their Chinese lessons and delve into the creative worlds of Art, Dance, Music and Drama with our specialist teachers. Our Physical Education specialists also design programs which instil positive, healthy habits and keep our girls moving.

Year 3

In Year 3, learning is taken into the field. History comes to life on the streets of our neighbourhood and is brought into the classroom by experts. Then, our Outdoor and Environmental Education staff takes the girls on a day of discovering our surrounds.

Music becomes a bigger part of our girls’ lives. They are all given a string instrument to learn under the tutorage of specialists. They also join our Archetti String Ensemble to learn how to work together.

Independence is encouraged in learning and decision making and Health and Friendship Circle time introduces strategies to embrace difference.

Girls who need more academic challenges are invited to become involved with Stretchy Thinking, a specialist program designed to stimulate curious minds.

Year 4

Excitement rings through the corridors as our girls look forward to their first camp away from their parents in Year 4. Sleeping overnight at the College, they take part in numerous Outdoor and Environmental Education activities that build upon their confidence and resilience.

College spirit is displayed at a number of interschool sporting activities, where they face competition and learn to win or lose graciously.

Building on solid numeracy and literacy foundations, our girls are challenged by our rigorous and insightful curriculum. They display their individual learning through presentations, poetry and initiatives such as Stretchy Thinking and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Relationships are explored through Girl Power, which enables our girls to build strategies to develop true friendships.

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