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Scholarships and Prizes

MLC has been awarding scholarships since 1909 to acknowledge and reward the strength of recipients and take into account their potential to contribute creatively to the wider service of the community. Read on to explore our current scholarships, the application process and frequently asked questions.

MLC Scholarship Program

Each year, MLC offers several scholarships of varying concessions to both current MLC girls as well as future students entering different year levels. These include:

  • Academic Scholarships for entry in Years 5, 6, 7 and 10 
  • Music Scholarships for entry in Years 5-10 
  • Boarding Scholarships for entry in Years 7-10 
  • Community Scholarships for entry in Year 7

All scholarship applicants, including Music and Boarding Scholarship applicants, must sit the Academic Scholarship test. Retention of a scholarship is conditional upon the holding maintaining high standards in achievement and conduct throughout her schooling at MLC.

Types of Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and provide a tuition fee reduction of varying values. Successful candidates entering Years 5 and 6 hold their scholarship until the end of Year 6 and successful candidates entering Years 7 to 10 hold their scholarship until graduation at the end of Year 12. 

Music Scholarships

MLC boasts an outstanding Music program with an international reputation for excellence in performance. Music Scholarships are available to girls entering the College from Years 5 to 10 by audition. They are awarded to students who demonstrate musical excellence and potential and provide a tuition fee reduction of varying values and cover 100 per cent of music tuition fees for one instrument. Please click here for more information on Music Scholarship requirements and auditions. 

Boarding Scholarships

MLC invites girls who live in regional Western Australia to apply for a Boarding Scholarship. This scholarship provides a Boarding fee reduction of varying values. Successful candidates entering Years 7 to 10 hold their scholarship until graduation at the end of Year 12. 

Scholarship Application Criteria 

MLC scholarships are awarded based on the student’s scholarship test performance, a review of recent academic reports, requirements for Boarding, and in the case of Music Scholarships, a formal practical assessment by invitation. Shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview with the Principal where a final decision will be made. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal.

At all times MLC seeks students committed to the values and ethos of our College and who will participate fully in MLC life. Testing and auditions for MLC scholarships are held at our Claremont campus in February for entry the following year. Special arrangements can be made for girls living more than 400 kilometres from our campus.

Scholarship FAQs

Music Prizes

The College offers many Instrumental and Vocal Prizes annually by audition or by special application. The prizes are awarded to support musical development and acknowledge progress, potential and commitment. Auditions are open to students in Years 6 to 9 at any level of achievement. Prizes are awarded for the year following audition. Applications are encouraged from girls currently learning with an MLC Music Tutor or with a private Music Tutor outside the College. 

MLC Foundation Community Scholarship 

MLC has a long tradition of supporting those who need financial help. The MLC Foundation Community Scholarship (MLCFCS) was awarded for the first time in 2021 for a girl commencing Year 7 in 2022. The scholarship offers 100% remission from tuition fees and agreed on-costs for a day girl from Year 7 to 12. Made possible by the MLC Foundation and great generosity of the MLC Community, this scholarship provides an opportunity for a girl to join the College whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent her from receiving an MLC education. The vision is to award this scholarship annually. Applications for the 2024 MLCFCS are now open. 

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