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Our focus is on building well-rounded individuals. In order to nurture and develop independent 21st century learners, we provide a variety of pathway options to suit your daughters' interests, strengths and career goals. Within each pathway there are multiple course options to further personalise the learning experiences of our girls.

Pathways and Blended Pathways

When it comes to choosing the right pathway for them, our goal is to arm our girls with all the necessary tools so they can make an informed decision. We want to help find what fits them as a student by discovering their end goals and how they are going to get there. In Term 3 of Year 10, each student and their parents meet with the Head of Academics to discuss. They can select from a range of pathways such as: 

Graduate-Ready Girls

Our main aim is to guide our girls towards their purposeful futures – and that starts now. Learn about our diverse learning, pathways and blended pathway options by contacting us today.