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Principal's Welcome

Hear from our Principal, Ms Rebecca Clarke, on the power of an all-girls' education and her vision for Methodist Ladies' College in creating leaders of the future.

Welcome to Methodist Ladies’ College.

We are a community that believes deeply in the empowerment that comes from an all-girls’ education. Our world will be healthier, safer, more innovative and more equitable when girls receive the education they so truly deserve.

Here at MLC, we are committed to enabling each girl to develop confidence in her capabilities and the determination to realise that she can indeed be an agent of change in her own life and in the lives of others.

With the support of dedicated and outstanding staff, our students are encouraged to be curious in their learning, embrace new opportunities, challenge what they think they are capable of and reach courageously beyond their limits in their strive for personal excellence.

In a world that is diverse, complex and changing, MLC aims to provide experiences that prepare our graduates for a future we can only imagine. Regular review of curriculum is undertaken to ensure our offering develops the skills, capabilities and attitudes that will enable our graduates to be future ready – ready to act, adapt, communicate, collaborate and lead.

MLC is a place where everyone deserves to feel a sense of belonging. Anchored by our values of Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice and inspired by our motto Per Ardua Ad Alta; through striving to the heights, our community is inclusive and grounded, embracing all manner of diversity knowing full well that what makes us different, makes us stronger. Our MLC Collegians are active within the daily life of the College and provides a strong network of support that remains lifelong for our graduates.

There is so much on offer for everyone here at MLC. I invite you to visit us in person so that you can see our College in action and experience first-hand the vibrancy and warmth of our community.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Ms Rebecca Clarke
MLC Principal