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MLC is more than just a school. Since our early beginnings, we have always strived to provide the very best in all-girls' education to all who walk through our doors. Our very first students received a rigorous academic curriculum while being equipped with the qualities that they could carry from the College to the greater community, enabling them to face the world with integrity and resourcefulness. Our journey has at times been challenging, but it has always been inspiring. Join us on our adventure through the decades.


The Future is Bright

MLC has stood for 115 years. Through two World Wars, the Depression, typhoid outbreaks and two pandemics, our journey has at times been challenging – but it has always been inspiring. We are blessed with the most beautiful surrounds, but the inner beauty is what is most important. The many students, families, staff and alumni who all make up the MLC community make us who we are today.

We can boast several Olympians and Commonwealth competitors, the earliest medical graduates and musicians, and graduates of theatre arts, science, engineering and technology. Most of all, we can confidently say that every student who has come to MLC has left feeling supported in whichever direction they choose and will carry on the values through which MLC was founded. We truly are a school for everyone, no matter where they come from or when they arrived.