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Academic & STEM Programs

Our extensive offering of academic and STEM programs enriches our students’ learning by enhancing concepts learnt in the classroom. Programs are designed to ignite curiosity and confidence through the application of creative and critical thinking in school. For girls passionate about extending their skillset, we have a wide selection of programs in the Junior and Senior Years. These range from Science Olympiads, Mathematics competitions, Language contests and Think Tank to Book Club, WADL Debating, Mock Trials and Philosophons. All complement the MLC curriculum, allowing students to extend their knowledge and understanding.

Challenging the Status Quo Through STEM Programs in School

There is an underrepresentation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. Of course, women are capable of not only doing the work, but excelling in these fields. MLC offers STEM programs in school so girls can explore these options and decide for themselves if this is what they wish to pursue. 

There are several reasons why there is a lower number of women working within STEM. However, one undeniable factor stopping girls is the lack of stem pathway programs offered at all-girls’ schools, not only in Perth but across the world. 

We believe it is crucial to offer quality, integrated STEM pathway programs so students have a wider range of career options after school. For instance, we offer our Years 4 to 6 students the opportunity to participate in the Minecraft Innovators Club led by a Minecraft certified expert. Meanwhile, our Years 5 to 8 students can compete in e-sports such as the Fuse Cup Competition, for which MLC is the current Perth host school. We are also one of the very few high schools offering Engineering to Year 10 and 11 students and a Marine Biology course to Year 10s.  

We encourage girls to take risks in all areas of learning at school, to try something new and take a leap of faith. This behaviour builds confidence in areas that may be unfamiliar to them like STEM and allows them to decide whether it is an area they want to pursue or not. Whatever they decide, the choice is always theirs. 

Academic & STEM Programs for All Girls

Student participation in our co-curricular activities is not limited by grades. We encourage all students to challenge themselves and get involved in the magnitude of academic and STEM programs available to them at school. These programs are inclusive, with a mix of individual and team competitions that allow all students to try out and participate. 

At MLC, students can decide how much of their time is dedicated to co-curriculars at school. Each year, the academic and STEM programs are tailored to student needs and interests. This has resulted in our students participating in tours to NASA, engineering challenges, climate change summits, plus plenty of other exciting opportunities in Perth and beyond. 

Academic & STEM at MLC

Here is a snapshot of some of the academic and STEM school clubs and competitions available to our students in Term 2:

Junior YearsSenior Years
Minecraft Coding ClubSchools Debating Competition
Bircks4KidzEdith Cowan University British Parliamentary Debating Competition
Future Star Chess ClubWA State Debating Team
Ink PrintsWA Law Society's Mock Trial Competition
da Vinci DecathlonYoung Writer's Excursion (Years 7-8)
Science Clubda Vinci Decathlon
Fuse CupHave Sum Fun Competition (Mathematics)
 Fuse Cup

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To find out more about our school’s academic and STEM programs, contact our Admissions team today.