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Located in the Centenary Building at the heart of our beautiful campus, the Boarding House is a home away from home for girls in Years 6 to 12. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and comfortable environment where our girls are free to live, learn and grow. The unique bond they get to share throughout their boarding adventure creates a sense of sisterhood and friendships that last a lifetime. Girls from across Australia and all corners of the globe come together in our Perth boarding school, each contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of our College and community.

Our Team

Led by our Director of Boarding, Mrs Jodie Mellor, our team is comprised of skilled and caring professionals who embrace and reflect the values of the College. Jodie is joined by our Assistant Director of Boarding, Mrs Sharon Marron, and a team of House Assistants, Recreation Officers and Boarding Tutors, as well as a Boarding Academic Mentor. Together, our Boarding staff strive to create a warm, collaborative and safe space for your girls. You can be confident in her environment and the wonderful benefits of living in our private boarding school.

Our Boarding Team have diverse backgrounds and profiles, deriving from local, regional and international backgrounds. Our staff are selected for their passion for working with adolescents and each brings with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills. There are a minimum of two Boarding Assistants on duty overnight to ensure the smooth running of the house and that our girls’ needs are met. 

Join us in the Regions

We cannot wait to connect with our old, existing and future families in the regions. This is the perfect opportunity to meet members of our wonderful MLC team, get to know you a little bit better, and share how your daughter can learn and grow in our supportive and nurturing Boarding community.

Karratha FeNaClNG Festival3 & 4 August 2024Book here
Dowerin Field Day28 & 29 August 2024Book here

Our Facilities

Our all-girls’ boarding school has a maximum capacity of 90 girls, which allows our staff to build personal rapport quickly and really get to know each girl. There is plenty to do in our Perth boarding school – whether it is cooking up a storm in our fully functional kitchens, getting your sweat on in our highly equipped gym, or squaring off in a competitive board game in our cosy family rooms.

In addition to direct access to Day school co-curricular activities, Boarders also have access to a number of school facilities after hours and on weekends. These facilities include the Library, IT Centre, Music Rooms, Gymnasium, Pool and Tennis Courts. Whatever each girls’ hobbies may be and wherever their passions may lie, we are driven to ensure our Boarders feel supported and have access to a broad range of opportunities.

To build this sense of community, it is important to us that all Boarders attend dinner together each night in the College Dining Room and attend Chapel with each other on Monday evening.

Our Rooms

Our Boarding House is at the heart of our Perth, WA campus in the beautiful Centenary Building, as well as our Burnside and Riverside wings. Our rooms are consistent of a boarding school room type, ranging from our 2×6 bed dormitories to triple, twin and single rooms. Girls who share rooms will be placed with another girl from the same year group. This ensures not only that bedtimes and study needs are met, but also that they get to build those all-important connections.

In their first year of Boarding, the girls will have the opportunity to share a spacious dorm room. All girls in Years 6 to 10 rotate rooms each term to build increasingly strong relationships within our community. This is a great opportunity for them to develop interpersonal skills, value differences, build community and think and act with increased spatial awareness. Girls in Years 11 and 12 have their own rooms, many of which boast unrivalled views of the spectacular Swan River – it is our version of a swan song for the senior girls. 

All rooms have wireless connectivity, reverse-cycle air conditioning and individual study areas. Each wing also enjoys a shared family room where the girls can mingle, and there are many nooks where they can relax on their own or with friends. Whether it is privacy they seek or company they crave, there is something for everyone in our boarding school. 

Book into the Boarding Parent Retreat

Please submit the below form if you would like to request a stay in the Boarding Parent Retreat. To enable the room to be cleaned, please note the following:
  • Check in time: After 3.00pm
  • Check out time: Before 9.30am

To support our staff in their daily routines and to minimise disruption to our Boarding House, guests are required to return to the room in a timely manner in the evenings. Parents and guests must be in their room (and remain there until morning) by no later than 10.30pm. Please be mindful that security alarms will be active.

Further information on visiting the Boarding House and/or staying in the Parent Retreat can be found in MLC Boarding Handbook (page 12).


Boarding Sisters

No one knows you better than your peers. That is why we created our Boarding Sisters Peer Support Leader program, which pairs our Year 7 Boarders with one or more of our older girls. The role of the Boarding Sisters is for our older girls to enjoy a leadership role as a mentor, which will help in their independence and transition to post-schooling. The program also assists the newer members of our Boarding family to transition into their new life at the College and through their formative years in MLC Boarding by providing an added layer of support and friendship. 

Prep Program

The Boarding House employs an Academic Mentor whose role is to liaise with the teaching staff to ensure continuity of learning across zones. They are supported in their role by tutors, who provide support to all Boarders and oversee prep (homework). Our Prep Program takes place in the Walter Shepherd Resource Centre each Sunday to Thursday evening. Prep is important for establishing rules and routines early. Additionally, insights and experiences from our Tutors and Academic Mentor benefits our Years 12s when applying for university and other pathways.   

  • Years 6-7 – 1 hour
  • Year 8 – 1.5 hours
  • Years 9-10 – 2 hours
  • Years 11 – 3 hours
  • Years 12 – 3 hours (optionally in their bedroom with open door policy)

Recreational Activities

We encourage our girls to not only pursue their passions, but also have fun along the way. Our Boarders have access to a wide range of co-curricular activities inside and outside of our Perth boarding school. Our Recreational Officers organise a variety of weekend outings, such as movies, bowling, ice skating, socials, quiz nights and more. There is always something to look forward to, and no one will ever need to be sitting with nothing to do in the MLC Boarding House – that is our guarantee. 

Urban Boarding

We currently offer limited places for MLC Day students to join our community as Urban Boarders. Girls in Years 6 to 12 may apply to join us for a 21-night minimum. Due to our limited capacity, we must assess availability up to one term in advance for Urban Boarding. For Urban Boarding fees, please refer to our 2024 Fees and Charges.


We understand what a huge decision it is for parents to send their daughters to Boarding School. Our aim is not to replace their family, just extend it by working together with our parents to ensure we build a strong relationship that benefits the girls’ best interests. Our team are on a first name basis with all of our Boarders’ parents, with regular and open communication encouraged. 

Visitors are always welcome, and the girls are also allowed to check out with approved hosts, enabling them to spend time with their Day School friends and family in Perth. In keeping with our duty of care practices, the Boarding House uses an electronic leave management system, Reach, which allows parents to receive immediate and up-to-date information regarding their daughter’s whereabouts and planned activities. In sharing knowledge closely between parents, guardians, Day School and Boarding staff and girls, we can together support successful outcomes for our Boarders. 

Before Joining our Perth Boarding School

Before your daughter’s exciting adventure at MLC begins, we want to get to know her and in turn, we want her to get to know us. In Term 3, a Transition Day is held for all new Boarders and Day girls. In Term 4, incoming Boarders get the opportunity to spend a night in our Boarding House to orientate themselves and meet some of our community. Each of our Boarders will also be able to complete a Boarding Ready Online Interactive program, where they meet each other and chat with our Director and Assistant Director of Boarding. They will also get the chance to interact with the rest of our team and meet their ‘big sister’ who has been in their shoes and will help with their transition.  

At the commencement of the school year, new Boarders arrive ahead of our returnees, allowing some extra time to settle in. At the end of the first week of school, our Boarders all enjoy a Carnival Weekend. This is a closed weekend where Boarders all attend a fun and informative program of events, as well as get to know one another and their new surrounds. Our famed Pool Party, Lawn Water Slide and Silent Disco are some of the highlights of this weekend!

Still not sure? To experience our dynamic College, prospective Boarding students are invited to take part in the MLC Girl for a Day program. This initiative allows girls to experience a normal school day at MLC. Afterwards, girls and their parents can join us for a meal and prospective Boarders can request to spend a night in the Boarding House, where they will be assigned a student ‘buddy’ and can take part in all aspects of Boarding life.  

We are Family

From the moment your daughter steps into our all-girls’ boarding school, she becomes a part of a special community where she will make lifelong friends. We will welcome her with open arms and cannot wait for her exciting new chapter to begin. Follow the link below to contact our Director of Boarding, Jodie Mellor, via email. Jodie is available to answer any questions our current or prospective Boarding families may have.