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House System

House is a firmly established tradition at Methodist Ladies’ College. As soon as you walk through the halls of the Centenary Building, you will see the House Board dating back to 1927 when the House System was first introduced. It has become ingrained into the fabric of the College and become an integral part of life at MLC for almost 100 years. It enables our students to develop a sense of belonging and build those crucial bonds with their peers from the moment they arrive. If applicable, girls can choose to be placed in their families’ Houses, following in the footsteps of their mothers, sisters, aunts or grandmothers who also attended the College.

Meet Our Six Houses

House Events

The mission of the MLC House System is to bring the Junior and Senior Schools together through teamwork, mateship and collaboration. It is the chance for all of the different year groups to get to know each other and work towards a common goal – winning the coveted Champion Cup at the end of the year, awarded to the House who accumulates the most points.  

Points are collected at various Sport, Arts, Academic and Service House activities, where the older and younger years participate and celebrate House rivalry in a fun and collegial manner. With a strong focus on wellbeing and lifting each other up, all of these activities place an emphasis on unity, support and encouragement.


Annual events include: 


6 Houses 1 Cause Initiative
House Printing Challenge
Interhouse Swimming Carnival
Interhouse Cross Country
House Singing, Drama and Mime Festival
House Acts
House Reading Challenge
Interhouse Athletics Carnival
Heather Lamont Festival 


Something unique to the MLC House System is our renowned Spirit Cape. This is awarded at the end of each event to the House that has displayed the most spirit.  

The House System and Leadership

In the Senior Years, our Wellbeing Program is delivered through Mentor-Mentee Time (MMT), which is House aligned to give the girls an immediate sense of belonging. It gives them the ability to forge strong connections within their individual Houses and works as a support network for their journey throughout their schooling.  

Each member of staff is also House aligned with six Heads of House who oversee and help the Head of Student Leadership with on-boarding events. The Junior Years House Coordinator then acts as the link between the two schools. 

Lots of leadership opportunities are presented within the Housing System to our students from as early as Year 2. Representatives from a variety of years groups are elected the lead, including: 

  • House Prefects 
  • House Executives
  • Year 9 House Leaders 
  • Year 6 House Leaders  

The House Prefect, Executive and Representatives all work together with the support of their House Archon to provide the House’s voice within the College.   

  • “I love being a House Prefect because you get to come into contact with so many girls from loads of different age groups. You can talk to the younger girls, which sometimes might be harder when you’re not in a House environment.” – Madeleine English, 2020 Athens Prefect

  • “I’ve had a lot of women in my family be in Rome, so we have lots of generations of Romans. Even before coming to school, Rome was already in my blood. In Year 7 after seeing the Rome Prefect, I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be the Head of Rome because House was such a big deal and I really loved it.” – Holly Hannington, 2020 Rome Prefect