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Student Wellbeing

When it comes to the wellbeing and health of our girls, the aim is to instil a buoyant student culture and real sense of collegiality. Based on the Principles of Positive Psychology, our Wellbeing Curriculum focuses on building self-esteem and developing skills to help students manage the challenges presented to them in school. Our dedicated staff and school psychologists play a vital role in supporting this culture, providing guidance and support to ensure every student can navigate their school journey with confidence and resilience.

Our Wellbeing Curriculum

At the heart of our Wellbeing Curriculum are the College Values that define our relationships and commitment to an integrated, whole-school approach to pastoral care. Our Wellbeing Coordinator works alongside our Heads of Year and dedicated Years 7 to 12 Mentors who are key nurturers for our girls. Mentors acknowledge each students’ uniqueness – from her special gifts and talents to her goals for the future and individual circumstances.  

The warm and open relationships they share with their Mentors is shaped by the belief that every girl can become an independent learner and a creative, active and informed global citizen. Supporting them in the delivery of the Wellbeing Curriculum are our specialist School Psychologists, Health Education Teachers, Nurses and Chaplain. 

Wellbeing in Action

Providing all our students with support, our team helps them to achieve social and emotional wellbeing as well as academic success. Our Wellbeing Curriculum’s flexibility ensures we can respond to challenges as they arise, and our active approach allows us to work cohesively with our students and their families. 

Mentor-Mentee Time (MMT)

In the Senior Years, each group is divided into House MMT Groups. Mentors meet with their group daily and are available to support and assist individual students. Every year, an MMT Group Representative is selected to assist the Mentor with organisation and be the link between the Student Representative Council (SRC) and MMT Group.  


We encourage all students to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities as they offer a plethora of opportunities for personal enrichment. They provide a chance to try something new in a safe and supportive environment, while developing well-rounded life skills that promote confidence and success in other areas. 



We provide our students with plenty of opportunities for practical, hands-on service to the community. Being of service to others often results in young people feeling positive about themselves and helps the girls together as a group. 

The Five Rs

Maintaining healthy wellbeing throughout our students’ time at the College and beyond is intrinsically linked to the use of The Five Rs for Success: Respectful, Responsible, Regulation, Resourceful and Resilient.

Want to Discuss Wellbeing?

If you have any further questions about the Wellbeing Curriculum at MLC, please feel free to contact our friendly Admissions Team below. It is the responsibility of our staff to stay up to date with the latest educational and wellbeing trends to ensure the emotional development of your daughters. We also have school psychologists on staff to support girls’ mental health.