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Community service has many benefits for our girls. The College’s service-learning program aligns with our approach to provide diversity in education and experiences. They also add to our students’ wellbeing, widen their exposure to people living in different circumstances, encourage empathy for others and help create a more balanced world view.

Service Through the Years

MLC students have been involved in community service for many years, donating their time and resources for others. From an early age, our girls actively serve the community. In the Junior Years, there are programs such as Give Write Now, a stationary drive where students collect sort and make packs. In the Senior Years, our Values Colour system recognises students are dedicated and display commitment to their community.

During the program, the girls regularly reflect on their experience and the many benefits of helping others. Our Years 7 to 9 students make a commitment to complete 40 hours of community service during these Years. Once they finish the program, in respect and recognition of their contribution to the community, the girls are awarded Half Colours. Our Years 10 to 12 students must complete 80 hours of voluntary community service during these Years in order to receive their prestigious Full Colours for their commitment to the community. 

Shining Through Service

Service looks different to every student, which is why we make sure to provide a wide range of service-learning programs to suit everyone in our College. Keeping with the Vision, Mission and Values as a College of the Uniting Church of Australia, we want all of our students to spend their time spiritually fulfilled, guided towards their purposeful futures. 

Here is a snapshot of some of service initiatives we offer at MLC:

  • Trauma Teddies 
  • Perth Royal Show 
  • Telethon Kids 
  • Red Cross Soup Patrol 
  • Nulsen Youth Patron Program
  • Duke of Edinburgh 
  • Sustainability Committee 

What Our Girls Have to Say

“On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to go on our first Nulsen home visit, where we visited Butterick. We drove there on the Boarder’s bus, and were all little bit nervous but upon arrival, were greeted by lovely staff and residents, immediately easing our nerves. The staff took us on a tour of the house, and we learnt about different items that are used to assist the residents such as slings, special wheelchairs and even an electric bathtub! We then sat down with the residents for afternoon tea and were able to chat with them and get to know them a little. Benita and Ashlee were asleep for the majority of the time, but we got a chance to speak to Robert, Stacie and Craig. After we ate, we played ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ on the xylophones, which is Ashlee’s favourite song and immediately we could see a reaction from the residents. Robert smiled, while Ashlee lifted her head and woke up. Seeing this was so heart-warming for us. During our visit we also learnt how to mix the foods for each different resident to cater for their needs and assist them with eating their dinner. Overall, our first home visit was an absolute blast for both us and the residents! Nulsen is a life-changing program, and we are so honoured to have the chance to be part of it.”- Lucinda Anderson, Starcya Khew, Charlotte Swann & Hannah Wang (Year 10)

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