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An All-Girls' School

There are no limits to what students can achieve in a girls' school. At MLC, girls are surrounded by female role models who help them see who they can be. We want to give every girl the space to be seen and heard. We want her to take risks, make mistakes and get involved. We want her to be her authentic self and discover what it is that truly excites her.

The Benefits of an All-Girls’ Education

Research provides compelling evidence that a girls-only education leads to higher academic achievement, greater confidence and more participation in STEM subjects. Girls are presented with activities and academic opportunities without gender stereotyping, which results in greater self-esteem, more grit and the ability to achieve their full potential.

Students who receive an all-girls’ education are also more likely to select typically male dominated subjects, take up leadership opportunities and ask more questions than in a co-ed classroom, trying everything without fear of failure. At MLC, our wellbeing, leadership, development and educational programs are all designed specifically to cater to the needs of girls and set them on the path towards their purposeful futures.

Where Are They Now?

Hear what our incredible Collegians have been up to since graduating from MLC. Every journey is different, and every story is unique. Simply click the link below and filter to the ‘Voices’ and ‘Collegians’ sections.