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Years 5 & 6

These last two years of Primary School are pivotal for our girls. With a continued focus on the academic curriculum and developing academic prowess, it is also critical in preparing them for their transition to High School. Through a cutting-edge Health and Wellbeing program, leadership opportunities and exposure to new learning experiences, our girls are well-equipped for the next stage in their schooling journey.

Year 5

Technology moves to the forefront of our learning experience as our girls are invited to bring a Surface Go to explore online applications that cater for differential learning. Individual presentation styles and methods that are supported by Information Learning Technology are encouraged and celebrated in the classroom.

While focussing on progression through the rigorous academic curriculum, our Wellbeing Curriculum, which encompasses wellbeing, health and positive psychology, brings balance to our girls’ lives. This is complemented by our vibrant Physical Education and Outdoor and Environmental Education programs.

Our girls excitedly anticipate their first off-campus, three-day camp where they experience team building and taste independence. Fun and adventure are also to be had with canoeing, rafting, flying fox rides, climbing and hiking; the focus is on developing skills to become responsible risk takers.

Girl Power evolves during Health lessons to target interpersonal relationships and encompass emotional interactions.

Our Year 5 Band Program invites all of our girls to experiment with a wind instrument of their choice, with lessons from our Music Department.

Year 6

Year 6 is a year of transition and change. This is an exciting time for our girls as they prepare for the move into the Senior Years. Throughout the year they attend numerous events and mix with the senior girls and take part in a Transition Assembly, culminating in a guard of honour as they move into the Marjorie Lyon House.

As part of the curriculum, our state and national governing processes are explored. The democratic process is put into practice as our girls choose their leaders from among themselves. They are encouraged to put themselves forward for leadership opportunities, such as becoming a House Captain or a member of the Student Representative Council.

Continuing the Wellbeing Curriculum, our girls take on their biggest adventure – a two-night, three-day camping experience where they have to cook their own food and take part in a plethora of fun and exciting Outdoor and Environmental Education challenges. They also attend a four-night, five-day Albany Tour which gives them the opportunity to bond with the rest of their cohort.

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