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Throughout the world, women are underrepresented in positions of power and influence and overrepresented in areas of disadvantage. The closer a society is to achieving gender equity, the more prosperous, peaceful, healthy, educated and innovative it is. The advancement of women is essential to achieving this goal. Philanthropy can contribute to addressing this gap in a unique and effective way.

Why Give?

Tuition fees only pay for educational and operational costs, so the necessity exists for additional income to provide strategic developments and buildings, as well as scholarships and awards. The MLC Foundation relies on the philanthropic assistance of the wider community. Supporting the Foundation enables MLC to: 

Empower the next generation of bold thinkers, creative doers and global citizens.
Drive the next iteration of translating MLC’s vision into practice.
Guarantee the students who attend MLC today maximise their educational experience, just as generations before them have.
Honour our founders’ legacy of innovative initiatives on behalf of our students.
Ensure our students will leave MLC inspired and prepared for their purposeful futures.

The Impact of Giving

Education is the silver bullet which has the power to change lives. The College facilities which exist today were achieved through the generosity and foresight of past and present MLC community members. Some recent significant infrastructure achievements made possible by generous contributions from the MLC community includes the construction of the Middle Years’ Building (2009), construction of the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre (2010), the Boarding House redevelopment (2015), and the MLC/CCGS Aquatic Precinct joint venture (2019).

The Foundation also values our donors and supporters for allowing us to provide more opportunities and extra assistance for our students through needs-based scholarships. Most recently, thanks to the generosity of our MLC community and matched donors, we were able to offer not one but two needs-based scholarships at our 2022 Giving Day. 

Who We Are

Established in 1987, the MLC Foundation fosters a strong culture of philanthropy within the MLC community, in order to strengthen the College’s long-term future. The Foundation supports the College through the provision of funds for the development of facilities, scholarships and strategic initiatives. 

The Foundation is committed to creating a sustainable source of income for the benefit of current students and future generations. Our students today have access to excellence in education, an outstanding co-curricular program, scholarships and facilities that are the result of years of support and philanthropy. 

Whilst you may donate at any time, the Foundation engages our community through events and campaigns including: 

  • The biennial MLC Foundation Gala
  • The Tuition Fee Raffle
  • The Foundation Future Levy
  • Giving Day

Meet the Foundation Board

The MLC Foundation is overseen by a dedicated and committed Board that governs through a transparent and sustainable business model. The MLC Principal and Chair of MLC Council are ex officio members of the Foundation Board. 

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Ways to Give

Give Now

For more information about the MLC Foundation and how you can support current and future students at MLC, please contact our team.

Phone: (08) 9383 8858