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One Campus, One Journey, Many Pathways

At MLC, we nurture and support our students from start to finish. From our Early Learning Centre for girls and boys from two years of age through to our Junior and Senior Years for girls, we offer one campus for the entire learning journey with multiple pathway options along the way. Located on the Swan River in the heart of Claremont, children of all ages can enjoy the benefits of nature-based learning, modern facilities and a diverse, rigorous curriculum.

A Personalised Approach to Finding the Right Pathway

While students share a common goal of academic success and personal growth, we understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. That is why we offer a diverse range of support systems, extension programs and enrichment opportunities. By offering many pathways, MLC fosters a dynamic and inclusive learning environment where all our girls can thrive and succeed in the way that is right for her. 

A Holistic Approach to Measuring Success in Education

MLC are excited to be working with the University of Melbourne on its New Metrics project that is reimagining and influencing schooling. This invitation-only initiative is leading a global movement seeking improved ways to teach, assess and report on the complex competencies needed by learners to thrive throughout school and beyond. We are the only all-girls’ school in Western Australia to be involved in this collaborative partnership, proving once again that MLC are at the forefront of innovative learning and teaching practices. 

Stages of the Journey

Early Learning

Our one-of-a-kind Early Learning Centre (ELC) offers the perfect start to a child’s learning journey. Conveniently situated on campus with access to MLC’s wider facilities, educational programs and specialist staff, ELC children can discover and play in our beautiful grounds, immersing themselves in the MLC Community. To find out more about Early Learning here.

Junior Years

The Junior Years are a vital stage in the educational journey giving students the opportunity to develop crucial life skills, form lasting friendships and realise their full potential. Building strong foundations during these initial years of learning combined with the connectedness of our campus and collaboration between year groups, our students arrive at the Senior Years confident and prepared. Find out more about the Junior Years here.

Senior Years

Continuing into the Senior Years, we celebrate the diversity of pathways that our students choose to explore, knowing that each pathway is a valuable part of their education journey. We are committed to providing the resources, guidance and encouragement necessary for every student to reach their full potential. Find out more about the Senior Years here.