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Milestone Reunions

At MLC, we bring you back together with your classmates as soon as the following year, then throughout your life at key points, all the way through to a Diamond Morning Tea for our Collegians over 70 years of age.

Upcoming Reunions

Please see our upcoming reunions listed below: 

MilestoneClassDateVenueReunion CoordinatorsRegister
Recent Graduates Reunion2020, 2021 & 2022TBCThe ClaremontGeorgie MannersTBC
10 Year Reunion2013TBCTBCTBCTBC
20 Year Reunion2003TBCLikely The ClaremontDaisy BahenTBC
25 Year Reunion1998TBCTBCAngela SmithTBC
30 Year Reunion1993Friday 13 October 2023The ClaremontKelly BullTBC
40 Year Reunion1983Saturday 14 October 2023Likely The ClaremontSam DoustTBC
50 Year Reunion1973TBCLikely The ClaremontJane Campbell & Jan RobbTBC

Coordinating a Reunion

Are you thinking of coordinating a reunion for your year group? You have our full support! Please get in touch with our Alumni Relations Officer by emailing for further details.