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Year 3 at MLC

A journey of growth, discovery and empowerment is fostered in Year 3 at MLC. Studies have shown that early entry into private education can lead to enhanced emotional wellbeing and self-esteem. Small class sizes enable our specialist teachers to truly know and nurture each girl, catering to unique needs and learning styles. Our diverse curriculum and specialist programs encourage each girl to explore her passions and build her confidence. Wellbeing is at the core as our girls learn and play together, forging lasting friendships while receiving a balanced and well-rounded education.

Inspiring her passions

At MLC, we see Year 3 as a transformative period in our girls’ lives. It’s a time when they become more independent and begin to explore their unique passions. Our diverse curriculum sees students dance, play sports, and learn musical instruments, encouraging each girl to give everything a go without fear of failure. Our vibrant range of specialist programs enables our girls to enhance their reading and writing skills, engage in critical thinking, and express their creativity, all while having fun.

Empowering learning

In Year 3 at MLC, our inclusive environment caters to each girl’s individual cognitive and emotional needs to enrich their learning experience. Our commitment to small classes guarantees an individualised focus on each girl, enabling our educators to craft and deliver tailored learning plans. The positive classroom atmosphere empowers our girls to truly be themselves, build leadership skills, form lasting friendships and realise their potential.  

Wellbeing at the core

Nurturing the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of our girls lays the foundation for their growth into well-rounded young women. In Year 3, our girls are encouraged to communicate authentically and express their feelings. Our research-based Wellbeing program encompasses learning support, developing a growth mindset, promoting body positivity and more, leading to enhanced emotional wellbeing and self-esteem. A genuine sense of belonging is fostered, as our girls establish enduring friendships while receiving a holistic education. 

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