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Early Learning Centre

The only one of its kind at an independent girls’ school in Perth, our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is extraordinary. The only centre attached to a College in Western Australia, our educators are qualified to the highest standard of care, going above and beyond what is required. We practice the wonderful, evidence-based Reggio Emilia Approach to teaching young children, and welcome girls and boys from two years of age to start their learning journey with us.

As our Centre is located on campus, it is extremely convenient for families with children already attending the College. Not only do they receive the very best of care but begin their learning and development with access to MLC’s wider facilities and educational programs. Our children enjoy the remarkable opportunity and benefits of being able to discover and play in the beautiful grounds of the College and become part of the MLC community. 

We meet with our families regularly and communicate with photo snapshots and information about your child’s learning and the relationships they form with other friends and educators throughout their day via emails and the OWNA parent app. Our curriculum starts from 6.30am and ends at 6.30pm. Delicious and nutritious meals are provided for children with dinner offered at an additional fee.  

Our Philosophy

We practice the Reggio Emilia Approach, which is based on the following principles:

  • Children must have some choice in what they learn.
  • Children engage with their senses to support them to learn.
  • Children are encouraged to interact with other children and explore the world through objects and relationships.
  • Children are encouraged to express themselves and are given the opportunity to do so.
  • Children have 100 languages in which they communicate. Our educators understand those languages and what children are trying to say non-verbally.

Our staff are professionally trained in The Phoenix Cups Framework, which focuses on the Five ‘Cups’ Theory: Mastery Cup, Safety Cup, Fun Cup, Freedom Cup and Connection Cup. The Phoenix Cups is a philosophical framework, and our educators use this method to ensure our ELC children are happy and fulfilled when they are with us. It is especially useful for understanding what it is that a child who is non-verbal wants or needs.  

The Phoenix Cups philosophy works hand-in-hand with the Reggio Emilia Approach, and together, ensure your child’s needs are not only being met, but exceeded.  

Our Community

The Early Learning Centre is strongly tied to our families and community. Our aim is to provide a warm and welcoming environment, honouring diversity and inclusion. We work in partnership with you to nurture and support your child to develop and thrive, recognising and valuing parents and families as your child’s first teacher.  

We make use of the wonderful MLC campus and spaces available to us by venturing out each day to explore with the children. We also have access to the wide community of support from educators and staff at the College. 

Our Rooms   

Our rooms are engaging and designed for the specific age groups of children. For our two-year-old’s, the room is called Kep (meaning ‘water’) and has a ratio of one staff to four children. We also have two Pre-Kindergarten rooms. Our younger Pre-Kindergarten room has a ratio of one staff to five children and our older Pre-Kindergarten room has a ratio of one staff to ten children.

Each room comprises well-appointed, outdoor undercover areas and large indoor play spaces. We have three kitchens onsite with our chef producing delicious, balanced meals for our children.

Music and Language 

Musical Me!

Music is very much a part of MLC’s DNA. At no added cost, we offer a music program which is taught by the exceptional staff from the MLC College Music Department twice a week for babies and continues through to Kindergarten. Our staff are trained in music and our Musical Me! program was developed specifically for our Centre. 

Mandarin Stars

Given the many cognitive benefits of learning a second language at a young age, we offer a Mandarin language program for all our children at the Centre at no extra cost. Mandarin Stars is a lively weekly session involving music, puppets, songs and an introduction to speaking Mandarin. 

Djinda Strings

Our Djinda Strings program is an instrumental music lesson conducted once a week for children from three years of age. This class provides the opportunity for our children to develop their violin, cello or piano skills with specialist tutors during individual lessons. Djinda Strings is offered to our students all the way through their learning to Year 12. *There is an additional fee for this program. 



Our incursions are exciting and fun, covering a wide range of hands-on activities. Incursions involving animals are always one of the highlights as we are visited by wildlife animal specialists who talk about the animals they bring with them. We also invite Indigenous Elders into the Centre to talk about their wonderful culture, sharing music and stories with the children.  


Our Kindergarten program is the bridge between our Early Learning Centre and Junior School. A spacious area purpose-built for learning and play, our specialist early childhood teachers are well-equipped to prepare your Kindergarten child for their future schooling at MLC. Through play, they develop solid foundations in pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills that set them on the path to lifelong learning success. They also have access to everything MLC has to offer in a broader schooling sense with the chance to integrate with older school students which prepares them for life beyond Kindergarten. 


Join our Early Learning Community

It is never too early to start learning. Visit our Early Learning Centre and see how your child’s development is nurtured through learning and play. 

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