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Since beginning piano lessons at the age of three, MLC student Hannah’s passion for music has been nurtured both at home and at school. Hannah started at MLC in Year 2 and has since mastered both the piano and violin. 

In 2019, Hannah was awarded an MLC Council Music and Special Principal Scholarship. The Music Scholarship is one of a variety of scholarships offered at MLC to support and foster excellence in girls. The programme provides opportunities for students to grow and develop their own unique set of skills by immersing themselves in all that an education at MLC has to offer.   

Now in Year 8, Hannah has competed and performed in a myriad of solo showcases and continues to flourish as she performs alongside her peers in MLC’s Symphony Orchestra. 

She has performed solo at noteworthy venues and competitions across the globe including New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Metallener Saal, Musikverein in Vienna, the Summer Festival in Imola Italy, the Astana Piano Passion in Kazakhstan, has won a first prize at the Concours International Piano Competition in Paris and a second prize at the Chopin International Piano Competition in Hartford Connecticut, USA. 

Hannah was named the 2019 WA Pianist of the Year and received the Overall Best Junior Performer Award at the WA Pianists Competitions in 2015, 2017 and 2018. She achieved a distinction for both her Associate of Trinity College London and Associate of Music Australia piano performances in 2018 and graduated with diplomas from the University of WA and Adelaide University in 2019.  

“To be able to provide scholarship opportunities to students like Hannah is a joy to be a part of. Fostering amazing talent is a privilege,” MLC Principal Dr Marie Perry says. 

MLC has been offering girl-centric education for more than a century and is a community that celebrates diversity and achievement and promotes excellence in all areas of life.  

 Scholarship applications for the 2022 school year are now open and close on Sunday 7 February 2021.  

A number of music, academic and boarding scholarships are available to applicants who would start between Years 5 and 10 in the 2022 school year.   

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13 January 2021