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Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

We could not be prouder of the MLC Class of 2023 for their amazing accomplishments during their time at the College and beyond. At MLC, we are deeply committed to providing an inclusive, holistic education that encourages every student to strive for personal excellence, acknowledging that this will look different for each individual. We invite you to view a snapshot of their results and stories below.

The Future is Bright for Our Girls

  • “I was a Boarder at MLC and it was the best experience of my life. It was home for six years and I absolutely adored it. I loved the people I met, and it’s made me who I am today. My advice for future students would be to take advantage of the College because the people here are here for you. This year I’m going to Notre Dame to study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, hoping to get into Physio later on. The subjects I did helped me so much in preparing me for uni by giving me ways to study and learn as well as teachers to go back to if I ever need.”


    Edwina Kilpatrick

  • The MLC support system is so strong, and you can always rely on it. My teachers were the most important people getting me through Years 11 and 12. I could always ask them questions and they helped me prepare for the steps to get into my uni course. In 2024, I’m studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Exercise & Sports Science at Notre Dame University. I went into my final years knowing I wanted to do something sports related because I’ve always been part of IGSSA at MLC. I’m so excited for sports at uni; I want to do mixed volleyball, multisport and will play netball for the West Australian Netball League.

    Isabella Harding

  • “In 2024, I’m studying Medicine at the University of Western Australia under the Fogarty Scholarship. MLC helped me pursue the subjects I needed as prerequisites to get into Medicine and achieve the ATAR I needed to gain entry. The MLC support system is one of the main reasons why I believe I was successful; not only was it my friends, but my peers and staff members who were there when I needed someone to talk to. My advice to future students is continue taking every opportunity. It’s so important to still immerse yourself in extracurriculars, no matter which pathway you’re taking.”

    Neemyana Lathia

  • “Having been at MLC since Year 4, I’ve made lifelong friends and expect we’ll see lots of each other in the future. All my teachers have been absolutely amazing and helped me so much. I’ve just had such a great time at school. I’m looking to study Civil Engineering at UWA and am going to be a resident at St George’s College. In the next five years, I hope to be working at a building firm constructing residential housing and, in the future, own my own company where I can help others build their dream houses.”

    Sienna Torrisi 

  • I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts at UWA, which I would like to use as a pathway to get into Law. I did a wide range of subjects, which helped a lot. The close-knit network we have at MLC was also great. You can reach out to so many different people from your teachers and mentors to friends in your year and other years.

    Jacqueline Gilbert

  • “In 2024, I’m studying Biological Science at UWA. I’ve always loved biology and animals since I was little and throughout school loved Biology as a subject, so decided to stick at what I love. Everything I did at MLC has helped me to get into uni. It’s taught me everything I know.”

    Gemma Taylor

  • “I came to MLC in Year 10. I was really nervous, but everyone welcomed me with open arms. I’ve made lifelong friends. I’ve never experienced that type of friendship before. In 2024, I’m studying Human Sciences at UWA. My advice to future students would be to take the hurdles in your stride. I’ve come across a few, especially not getting into Medicine directly, but get excited for what you’re doing now and know that you’re going to get to your goal in the end.”

    Layla Young 

  • “Since Chemistry in Year 8, I’ve had a passion for science. This year I’m studying Biomedicine at UWA and after uni I’d love to work in a research lab. My advice to future students would be to lean on your teachers for support because they’re there to help you. My teachers always gave me options to get extra support which was so helpful. But also, don’t miss out on extracurriculars; I really enjoyed doing Rowing and all the sports MLC had to offer.”

    Grace Morrison

Hear Her Story

Each student from the Class of 2023 has her own unique story to tell of how she has strived for the heights. We are pleased to provide a few such stories. Within these stories, you will discover examples of tenacity, persistence and courage applied not only within the academic setting but across a broad range of areas outside of the classroom. Simply click the button below and filter by “Class of 2023”.