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Patrick Guggisberg



I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, even during school! I did my Year 10 work experience at a school and just loved it. I love being able to work with young people and not only teach them but also get to know them and find out some of their inspiring stories. I love being a Mentor and getting to know some of the girls that I wouldn’t usually teach.

We’ve been doing some amazing things in the classroom and are currently the first school in WA to use an online Virtual Reality Software to assist the students in feeling more confident in speaking German. This is really exciting, and the girls are thoroughly enjoying it.

During the last few years, some of our students have received a prestigious German scholarship to initially host and eventually go to Germany for 10 weeks which is a wonderful achievement for them and for MLC.

There have been many amazing moments at MLC so far but one of my favourites was when I received an email from a Collegian thanking me for promoting learning Languages. She chose to learn German in Year 7 and is now working with the Australian Government Solicitor in Canberra as a German-speaking paralegal on the Volkswagen Diesel Scandal emissions case which is currently before the Federal Court. It’s so valuable for all of us to learn a second language and it was a real highlight seeing that she was able to use it for personal success.

I love watching the Year 12 students speak in German for 12 whole minutes as they prepare for the WACE exam, and then reflecting on when they started in Year 7 with me and were barely able to say their name in German.




22 July 2018