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Jodee Lambert



I’ve been teaching at MLC since 1991. I teach Drama from Years 7-12 and, as Head of Theatre Arts, I manage a team of staff who teach Dance and Drama from Kindergarten–Year 12.

My absolute favourite thing about MLC is the fun I have with the beautiful and talented students. Teaching Drama is a wonderful job because you are always sharing stories. I love to tell stories and listen to them. I became a teacher because I love young people, I love my subject, and I really wanted to inspire others with the joy of learning.

I’m very lucky that I get to lead a wonderful team of passionate and dedicated staff. Every year we put on a huge variety of performances with one aim in mind—to allow MLC girls to perform in either Dance and/or Drama and develop skills in creativity and confidence, which we all need in life.

In our classrooms we have eager and innovative teachers working alongside the MLC girls to develop inventive, inspiring and thoughtful pieces. We can have Year 7s strutting about performing Rituals, followed by Year 12s being innovative and reimagining a classic play in a contemporary physical style.

I’ve been performing myself since I was a child and my first role was portraying Marta in The Sound of Music. I really enjoyed directing the same play at MLC in 1995. I always say, I can’t choose one College Production as my favourite. Like my students, they are all special and unique.

At MLC every day, and every class is a highlight and I never tire of the beautiful view from the our Drama Studio, the Gertrude Walton Centre.




14 May 2020