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Congratulations to the Class of 2023


MLC are pleased to share news of the outstanding results of the MLC Class of 2023. As an academically non-selective school, we are deeply committed to providing an inclusive, holistic education that encourages each student to strive for personal excellence, knowing that this will of course be different for each individual.

We are committed to providing broad and diverse offerings that enable each student to pursue the pathway that is right for her. This year, the Year 12 class comprised of 131 students, with 98 students selecting to undertake an ATAR pathway. Some of these students along with a further 33 students complemented their studies with VET Certificates, endorsed programs and general courses of study.

We extend special congratulations to Elena Latchem and Dominique Manasseh who both attained an ATAR of 99.95. 7 students from this class also attained an ATAR above 99.

Celebrating the 2023 Beazley Medal: WACE Award Winner

At a special ceremony held at The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia, MLC Dux Elena Latchem was awarded the Western Australian Certificate of Education’s (WACE) highest honour, the Beazley Medal: WACE. This Medal, named after former Federal Education Minister, Kim Beazley Sr. is awarded for excellence to the eligible student who achieves the top WACE award score on the average of five equated examination scores in ATAR courses.

First awarded in 1984, Elena is the second student from MLC to receive this prestigious recognition. Elena was presented with the Beazley Medal: WACE by Education Minister Dr. Tony Buti and the Honourable Kim Beazley Jnr. who has had a distinguished career as a politician and academic. It was a privilege to see Elena receive her award, along with her parents, Nadia and Donald, brother, grandmothers and Mrs Sharmaine Pritchard, Elena’s much adored Junior Years’ teacher whom she acknowledges as a guiding influence in her MLC journey.

2023 Exhibition and Awards Recipients

We are also pleased to confirm that in Wednesday’s release of awards, Dominique Manasseh was also named as a recipient of a General Exhibition for her outstanding academic achievement in Year 12 ATAR courses. We also congratulate Annabelle Russ for receiving Subject Certificates of Excellence for English and Psychology and Gemma Goldie for receiving a VET Certificate of Excellence in Community Services, Health and Education. A further 28 Certificates of Distinction were announced and 32 Certificates of Merit, details of which will be published in future publications to be shared in the new year.

Other Exceptional Highlights

We are also delighted to confirm that seven students from our 2023 graduating cohort attained an ATAR above 99. Other key statistics for the ATAR pathway in our early analysis is highlighted as follows:

  • 34 students (35% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR of 95 or above.
  • 49 students (50% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR of 90 or above.
  • 82 students (84% of ATAR candidates) obtained an ATAR of 75 or above, qualifying for all universities in Western Australia.

Whilst these results reflect the outstanding effort and commitment of our students, numbers alone are not the definitive measure of success. Each student in the Class of 2023 has her own personal story which has shaped and enabled her to achieve the best she could. They have balanced co-curricular activities and involvement in community outreach programs whilst undertaking their studies.

In exciting news received earlier this term, we extend congratulations to Amelie Jayasundra, Niamh Fraser and Liliana Lane, who have all had their artwork selected for inclusion in the prestigious The West Australian Pulse 2024 art exhibition to be held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from 6 April to 29 July 2024.

The MLC Community is proud of each student in the Class of 2023. All students have been well cared for by our dedicated staff, teachers and leaders whose guidance has been unwavering at every stage of learning. The College thanks our parents, caregivers and families whose love and support provides a vital foundation for our students which contributes to the culture of learning and aspiration we have at MLC.

To learn more about how MLC can help your daughter be future-ready, get in touch with our friendly Admissions team at or 9383 0269.


Class of 2023


20 December 2023