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Ros Thomas


After leaving MLC, I gained a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Psychology at UWA. I never intended to become a journalist. A chance meeting led to a voice test and a job at 6KY, then to 96FM as a newsreader.

I made the leap to television after a year of knockbacks and became a news reporter for ABC TV and Channel Seven. Three years at Channel Nine followed, before a well publicised stoush with Alan Bond saw me headhunted to Sydney in 1995 to ABC TV’s The Investigators.

By 1997, I was reporting for the Seven Network’s current affairs programmes, covering Princess Diana’s death from London, the Oscars in 1997 and, later, the Bali bombings.

I was the first female journalist that the Seven Network sent to a war zone when in 1998 I reported from Jerusalem and Hebron during the Gulf Crisis.

Returning home to Perth in 2000, I hosted Today Tonight on the Seven Network, pregnant with my first child.

I became the WA bureau reporter for A Current Affair in 2007, working under award-winning journalist Ray Martin, roaming the country contributing stories to the programme for five years.

I took up the WA bureau position for ABC TV’s The 730 Report, travelling and reporting stories of national interest.

In 2012, now mother to three children, I joined The West Australian newspaper as a columnist, writing a page of opinion every weekend for the magazine.

I set myself the challenge of writing what a man would want to read. I write about universal experiences – the philosophical topics common to all generations.

Disappointments have taught me more than my successes, revealing strengths I didn’t know I had. You cannot live without failing at something – unless you live so cautiously, you might as well not have lived at all, in which case, you fail by default. Persistence, curiosity and hard work will get you there.

On MLC: I was a part scholarship winner to MLC. I enjoyed playing the flute in the Orchestra, being in the School Choir and playing softball and tennis. I made lifelong friendships at MLC, and was inspired by many teachers.




22 October 2015