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Paul and Karen Kopejtka


Family’s generosity ties up another College project

Inspired by the MLC Foundation’s Circle of Success initiative, the Kopejtka family stepped forward to match funds already raised through the initiative to fulfill another project.

The Circle of Success invited the MLC community to donate a minimum of $1,000 towards a cooperative gift. Each donation allowed the donor to vote for a project that would have a wide-reaching benefit to MLC students. In total, $86,000 was raised and our generous donors voted to transform our Biological Science Laboratory.

Paul and Karen Kopejtka generously matched this sum in order to fund another of the Circle of Success projects; the upgrade of the Hadley Hall audio visual system.

“We wanted to support a project that would have wide reaching impact for MLC students and the community,” Mrs Kopejtka said.

“Upgrading the Hadley Hall AV system suited that criteria and we are thrilled that the project can be completed in a short time frame,” Mrs Kopejtka said.

MLC’s Venue Manager Doug Hounslow says the upgrade will better showcase students creative media content, videos of camps and tours, and activities that are shared with their peers and the community.

The principal work was completed in the July 2015 school holidays in time for the College production of Disney Beauty and the Beast including the installation of one kilometer of high definition digital cabling throughout Hadley Hall, two giant screens, two HD projectors high, two Video Distribution Hubs, an eight channel Touchscreen Digital Video Switcher, and a dual channel, HD recorder and streaming device.

Mr Hounslow says Hadley Hall now has a very reliable, flexible and future proof system.

“I am personally incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Kopejtka family. Their contribution to the College has transformed how I am able to use video content in Hadley Hall,” Mr Hounslow said.

“The image quality and brightness is stunning, and gives the proper level of quality that our staff and students deserve when their creative content that is shared.

I’m looking forward to being able to showcase key elements of student performances, such as solo instrumental performances and activities that can be difficult to see further away from the stage.”




2 November 2022