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Jane O’Sullivan



A favourite moment from my time at MLC would have to be when I received an amazing gift last year in the form of a poem from three girls in my class. The girls read the poem to me at the end of the year and, let’s just say, the tears were certainly welling up in my eyes. It was very creative and heartfelt. If I can make an impact on these girls’ learning journeys in any way, it would be to teach them to embrace their uniqueness and creativity, and to be kind. In that moment, I was truly rewarded because I felt that I had done my job.

The best part of my job is seeing their faces light up when they learn something new or reach a goal, either personal or academic. I also love feeling as though I am somehow making a difference in their lives.

I decided to become an educator because I enjoy being surrounded by little people who are full of joy and inquisitive by nature. I share a love of learning with my students and shall continue to be inspired by them.

This year, my Year 5 colleagues and I have had the privilege of collaborating to create a truly integrated and differentiated programme which focuses on the concept of ‘growth’. Working closely with Director of Gateways Education Bronwyn McLeod, we implemented the programme which unleashes the girls’ potential and is thoroughly differentiated at each stage. Their learning is scaffolded as they are encouraged to become more autonomous; hypothesising, researching and going further with their inquiries. It is an exciting year to be teaching at MLC!




15 January 2014