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Hear Her Story: Freya Hartree


Freya is the perfect example of trying something, deciding it’s not for you, and having the confidence to try again. 

“I always thought I was going to do ATAR. However, when it came to Year 10 and choosing my subjects for the next two years, I knew that the ATAR route wasn’t for me. In Year 11, I studied English General, Mathematics General, Business Management and Enterprise General, Human Biology General, UniReady and a Certificate III in Community Services. Throughout Year 11, I realised that some of these subjects weren’t for me so in Year 12 I did English General, Mathematics General, Psychology General, Human Biology General, Careers and Enterprise and a work placement at a mechanics workshop.”   

She said in Year 11 a lot of her choices were influenced by the fact she thought she wanted to go straight to university. By the end of the year, she made the decision to follow her passion for servicing cars to see if it was a potential future career. 

Her work placement at the mechanic workshop cemented her passion for cars. Once her placement was complete, her mentor encouraged her to chase the bigger machinery, which helped her decide that she wanted to go into mining, and her Careers and Enterprise teacher made sure to put a focus on heavy diesel apprenticeships.   

In Year 12, Freya was accepted into a full-time Plant Mechanic Apprenticeship with WesTrac. This four-year apprenticeship includes a mixture of working and learning to build, diagnose and repair the full range of CAT machinery whilst going to the company’s in-built TAFE system to further her learning in a classroom setting. Her days are now filled with hands-on learning experiences, troubleshooting machinery and immersing herself in the world of plant mechanics.   

“Each day brings new obstacles and opportunities for growth and I’m constantly learning and refining my skills in the field. I am grateful for the chance to pursue my passion and embark on this exciting new chapter. My plan is to show my strong work ethic and be the best that I can, gaining as much knowledge as possible from the both the workplace and structured TAFE courses.”   

Reflecting on her unique journey, Freya said the most important lesson she learnt was being content within herself and trusting there was plenty of time to choose what was best for her.  

“There is never a set pathway and by offering many different roads to travel, I’ve been able to try out and realise what pathways I would like to explore. MLC were very supportive, accepting and helpful when I decided to change my pathway. During Years 11 and 12 I was still figuring out what I wanted to do and the encouragement and support I received from my teachers, mentors and peers was so uplifting and motivating. Even if my plans didn’t go accordingly, I knew I always had a safe space to help me figure out different solutions so I could achieve what I wanted.”   

“My biggest piece of advice would be to prioritise your own aspirations and happiness above what others want you to do. It’s difficult to know that everyone may not understand or support your choices, but staying true to yourself and pursuing what you enjoy is most important. Trust your instincts and follow your passions, even if you break societal norms or your family’s opinions. I am the only one in my extended family that hasn’t gone to university, and I couldn’t be happier with my pathway choice.”  


Class of 2023


26 March 2024