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Dr Peta Odgers


I was, at one time or another, the captain of all senior teams, swimming, volleyball, tennis, hockey, basketball, athletics, cross-country and soft ball. I was the winner of the Wendy Carr Best All Rounder in Sport all three years that I attended MLC.

I completed my doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from UWA in 1997, a Doctorate in Forensic Science, a Masters in Leadership and Management and became a registered Psychologist from 1997-2008.

I am often sent to the USA or the UK to present conferences. I was one of the first women to receive a UWA Full Blue for sporting achievement.

I was awarded the Cameron Prize in Education in 1996 for the best Doctoral Thesis for the Faculty of Education and an international Liaison in Canada and America. I was also part of the Who’s Who in the World in 2000.

I have held a range of senior research positions within the Commonwealth, Western Australian and Victorian governments. I was appointed the inaugural Director of a number of research teams. I am currently a Director of Research with Comcare in Canberra.

Some of my fondest memories of MLC would have to be sport. I also taught at MLC as a coach for 10 years between 1983 and 1993 on a voluntary basis.

MLC was where I learned the true meaning of community, motivation, dedication and spirit. My advice to others who are striving to achieve goals would have to be ‘Believe in yourself, believe in your goals and remember the best is yet to come. Most importantly start now!’

I have enjoyed a range of study areas which have incorporated drugs, alcohol and tobacco; at risk adolescents and juvenile and adult justice along with population, health and social exclusion and community health areas.

On MLC: As a student, the thing I most remember is being in trouble for wearing my sports uniform instead of my school uniform.




22 October 2015