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Celebrating the Class of 2020


Methodist Ladies’ College is delighted to announce that our Class of 2020 have achieved outstanding results, in a year fraught with challenges and uncertainty.

As an academically inclusive school, our mission is to enable every girl to achieve her personal best. Our students’ successes are testament to their hard work and to the exceptional talent and dedication of our teachers.

“These young women all have very bright futures ahead of them. I congratulate them on their perseverance and efforts in keeping on keeping on, in a year that no one could have ever predicted. MLC girls are all very driven to succeed and that is evident in these results.” 
MLC Principal, Dr Marie Perry. 

MLC Year 12 students achieved broadly, across all areas of our holistic programme, from core academic courses, to co-curricular activities and service-learning opportunities. Such diverse experiences are the basis of a well-rounded education. In the year that was, MLC has been able to get each and every one of our 128 students through to the end of Year 12, whether they are based in Perth and attending school on campus, or overseas and learning with MLC’s teacher-directed online learning.

In 2020, MLC’s 128 Year 12 graduates achieved (made up of 114 ATAR pathway, 14 General or Alternative pathways):

  • 99.2 per cent of eligible students achieved their Western Australian Certificate of Education;
  • A median ATAR of 90.55 (state median: 81.65);
  • 2 students achieved the maximum ATAR of 99.95;
  • 9 students (8 per cent of Year 12 ATAR cohort) attained an ATAR of 99 or above, representing the top 1 per cent of students across WA;
  • 59 students (52 per cent of Year 12 ATAR cohort) attained an ATAR of 90 or above, representing the top 10 per cent of students across WA;
  • 86 students (75 per cent of Year 12 ATAR cohort) attained an ATAR of 80 of above, representing the top 20 per cent of students across WA;
  • 15 students received one or more VET Certificates, across 7 courses, including 9 Certificate IVs;
  • 2 Learning and Support Centre students graduated, having completed the ASDAN Award, Towards Independence: Photography and Multimedia and Authority Developed Workplace Learning.

“I applaud all Year 12 students for their resilience, determination and positivity this year. I would like to congratulate the Class of 2020 for the manner in which they have looked after each other through the year. We wish our graduating students all the best with their future endeavours”.
Deputy Principal Years 7-12, Rosemarie Dunn. 

As a whole of school community, we congratulate all of our Year 12 graduates on striving to achieve their individual personal best in an unforgettable year. They are young women of tremendous capability, resilience and character and will go onto achieve their aspirations beyond MLC.




21 December 2020