Junior Years

Welcome to our Junior Years, where we approach each student as an individual, getting to know each and every girl during this important stage in their educational journey.

We understand every student is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. We know each student’s strengths and challenges and create individual education plans, starting from Kindergarten and continuing through to the end of their journey with us in Year 12.

It is critical during the Junior Years to establish solid frameworks of learning in literacy and numeracy, while also supporting our students’ wellbeing. Our dedicated Junior School psychologist is equipped with a wealth of child development knowledge and is integrated into general school life.

Our students complete their Junior Years in the advantageous position of being firmly equipped with important life skills such as self-awareness, mindfulness and resilience. Our teachers nurture girls’ spirits with as much care as they apply to their academic learning.

This approach, along with best in practice teaching, ensures our girls are well prepared and excited for Senior School.

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Meet our Deputy Principal ELC - Year 6 Mrs Kylie Cross

Welcome to Pre-Primary–Year 6

Pre-Primary–Year 2

Pre-Primary is an exciting time for both our girls and their parents. As the first compulsory year of schooling in Western Australia, the Australian curriculum is introduced for the first time. The foundations of Mathematics, English, Science and History are taught in a fun and vibrant environment.


It is important we consolidate our girls’ understanding in early literacy and numeracy in Year 1 so they can build upon those foundations as they grow. Personalities evolve and there is a greater sense of freedom among our students as they move to a bigger playground, form relationships and work together.

Year 1

There is so much to be discovered in Year 2, as our girls learn more about the world around them. Our girls continue to refine and consolidate their understanding in literacy and numeracy this year. They become more discerning readers and develop greater independence in their writing. They also delve into the creative worlds of Language, Art, Dance, Music and Drama with our specialist teachers.

Year 2

Years 3–6

In Year 3, learning is taken into the field. History comes to life in the streets of our neighbourhood and our Outdoor and Environmental Education staff take the girls on a day of discovering our surrounds.

Music becomes a bigger part of our girls’ lives as they all join our Archetti String Ensemble to learn how to work together. Health and Friendship Circle time introduces strategies to embrace difference and girls who need more academic challenges are invited to become involved with Stretchy Thinking, a specialist program designed to stimulate curious minds.

Year 3

Excitement rings through the corridors as our girls look forward to their first camp away from their parents in Year 4. College spirit is displayed at a number of interschool sporting activities and relationships are explored through Girl Power, enabling our girls to build strategies to develop true friendships.

Building on solid numeracy and literacy foundations, our girls are challenged by our rigorous and insightful curriculum. They display their individual learning through presentations, poetry and initiatives such as Stretchy Thinking and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Year 4

Technology moves to the forefront of our learning experience as individual presentation styles and methods that are supported by Information Learning Technology are encouraged and celebrated in the classroom.

While focussing on progression through the rigorous academic curriculum, our Wellbeing Curriculum brings balance to our girls’ lives. Our girls excitedly anticipate their first off-campus, three-day camp, with canoeing, rafting, flying fox rides, climbing and hiking; to focus on developing skills to become responsible risk takers.

Year 5

Year 6 is a year of transition and change, as our girls prepare for the move into the Senior Years. As part of the curriculum, our state and national governing processes are explored and are supported by a visit to Parliament House. Our girls are encouraged to put themselves forward for leadership opportunities, such as becoming a House Captain or a member of the Student Representative Council.

German, French, Japanese and Chinese are introduced into the academic curriculum and our girls take on their biggest adventure yet – a four-day camping experience where they have to cook their own food and take part in exciting challenges.

Year 6

New Facilities

As part of our Strategic Plan, Towards 2025, MLC underwent an exciting redevelopment of our Junior Years area.

Through many years of researching the best education environments and their effects on learning, the Junior Years’ Redevelopment reaffirms MLC’s reputation as a leading and innovative school. The new state-of-the-art learning and teaching environment enhances our girls’ adventure, opening their minds to a world of learning and opportunity.

The positioning of the new buildings connects our junior years more effectively to the rest of the campus, reinforcing one of the great strengths of our College: that we are all together in the same place. This ensures smooth transitions through each stage of our girls’ education.

Phase One, was completed at the end of 2016 and our Years 3–5 students moved in to their new learning spaces in 2017. The new drama and music facilities are utilised by Senior Years' students, in turn extending the use of our existing facilities.

Phase Two encapsulated the refurbishment of our historic Barclay House and some of the existing Junior Years’ buildings, and was completed at the end of 2017. This phase included the development of our Kindergarten–Year 2 learning spaces and nature play areas as well as our Early Learning Centre and purpose-build play area for our youngest learners.

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