Wellbeing, Health and Positive Psychology

We take an active role in the pursuit of well-being and health for all of our girls. Based on latest research, our Thrival Curriculum, aims to instil a buoyant student culture and a real sense of collegiality through underpinning themes based around positive psychology.

This curriculum focuses on building self-esteem and developing skills to help students cope with the challenges that are presented to them in school and beyond. At its heart are our College Values that define our relationships and our commitment to an integrated, whole-school approach to pastoral care. The Thrival Curriculum's flexibility ensures that we can respond to challenges as they arise.

Heads of Year work alongside our skilled and experienced Years 7–12 mentors who are the key nurturers for our girls and young women. Mentors acknowledge each girl's uniqueness: her special gifts and talents, her goals for the future and her individual circumstances. Supporting them in the delivery of the Thrival Curriculum are our specialist school psychologists, health education teachers, nurses and our Chaplain.

The warm and open relationship girls share with their mentors is shaped by the belief that every girl can become an independent learner and a creative, active and informed citizen. In Years 5–12, girls are also inspired and empowered to grow their leadership skills through the Walton Leadership Institute programme.

In Kindergarten to Year 6 the one-on-one relationship between our class teachers and their girls is central to our Thrival Curriculum. Small class sizes ensure that our teachers can build upon those relationships and open clear channels of communication.

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