Our Principal

Dr Marie Perry

The power of education lies in the opportunities it makes available. At Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC), our holistic learning programme doesn’t just impart knowledge—it also gives our girls the confidence to tackle life’s challenges and pursue their interests with passion and energy.

In my career, I’ve been fortunate to teach all year levels, from pre-primary to Year 12, which has given me a keen awareness of the needs of every age group. MLC ensures a seamless transition for students as they move through the College, balancing academic rigour with a strong focus on pastoral care. Our vibrant learning community is renowned for a culture of excellence, inclusivity and innovation. I am deeply committed to ensuring MLC continues in this tradition, fostering a nurturing environment in which every girl is supported to flourish.

MLC’s unique Wellness Curriculum, which is based on the latest research, utilises the principles of positive psychology to develop a buoyant culture and to build each girl’s confidence and self-esteem. This is vital for their success in the classroom—and beyond it—as our expert staff support learners to stretch themselves and strive for the heights in all aspects of life. We also encourage students to develop a firm sense of citizenship and purpose through volunteer work and the College’s Walton Leadership Institute.

Technology has been a focus of my career as an educator, and I’m passionate about preparing learners to work in a modern digital context. MLC’s state-of-the-art network is designed to enhance the learning experience. We teach girls to use technology optimally and appropriately, giving them the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly connected world.

These are just some of the benefits of a MLC education. To learn more, I encourage you and your daughter to visit us and experience first-hand our dynamic College community. A world of learning—and opportunity—awaits.

Dr Marie Perry

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