New Junior Years

Building foundations to take girls into the future

As part of our Strategic Plan, Towards 2025, MLC has commenced the exciting redevelopment of the Junior Years.

Through many years of researching the best education environments and their effects on learning, the Junior Years’ Redevelopment will reaffirm MLC’s reputation as a leading and innovative school. This state-of-the-art learning and teaching environment will enhance our girls’ adventure, opening their minds to a world of learning and opportunity.

The positioning of the new buildings will connect our Junior Years more effectively to the rest of the campus, reinforcing one of the great strengths of our College: that we are all together in the same place. This will ensure smooth transitions through each stage of our girls’ education. 

There will be new drama and music facilities that will be utilised by Years 7-12 students, in turn extending the use of our existing facilities. The new buildings will be state of the art and will reflect MLC’s continuing commitment to excellence in the education of young women.

Phase One

Phase One, which commenced at the end of the 2015 academic year, is now complete. Our Years 3-5 students are utilising the new building, the design of which is based on global research.

Phase Two

Phase Two encapsulates the refurbishment of our historic Barclay House and some of the existing Junior Years’ buildings. Phase Two will be complete at the end of 2017.

Bosisto Walk

As we look forward to the commissioning of the new buildings it is also important that we remember our history. Many will remember Bosisto Hall with great fondness, and it was with sadness we farewelled the Hall last year. Roy Bosisto, for whom the Hall was named, was a driving force in securing funding for development of College facilities when he was College Secretary. To acknowledge those who share Mr Bosisto’s commitment, and to continue to remember his legacy, we have created an honour wall in our newest building.

Bosisto Walk is located in one of the main entry ways to the new building and will be partially constructed of floorboards taken from Bosisto Hall. Each board will be engraved with the name of a donor and their family, past, present or future, who contributes to the Junior Years' Fundraising Campaign. We will also include a commemorative plaque explaining the history of the Hall.

Donate to their future

Now is the time to secure your place in MLC history.

Donations of $500 to $2,000 will be commemorated with an engraved portion of an original Bosisto Hall floorboard.

Donors of more than $2,000 will be given the option of choosing a specialty timber plaque and donors above $5,000 can choose a specially designed brushed metal finish.

 All donations to the MLC Foundation Building Fund over $2 are tax deductible. 

Please complete our payment options form and return to: MLC Foundation, PO Box 222 Claremont WA 6910 or

Should you wish to discuss other opportunities to support the Redevelopment, including the availability of Naming Opportunities, please contact our Director of Development, Lauren Major on +61 (08) 9383 8858 or