Student Leadership

College Prefects

At the helm of the student body are the Prefects. These girls are chosen through a ballot where Senior Years' girls go to polling booths and vote for their leaders, much the same as a general election.

Each Prefect portfolio has an Executive comprising between 2 and 4 elected Year 12s. The Executives support and help them through the labyrinth of events and decisions.

There are 17 Prefects, who are assigned their portfolios after rigorous interviews with the College leadership.

Our 2016 Prefects
Head Prefect Clare Lipscombe
Deputy Head Prefect Madeleine Owens
Academic Prefect Alexandra Wilde
Arts Prefects Sophie Atkinson and Cassandra Mattes
Boarding Prefect Sara Koster
Service Prefects Shannon Ma and Hanna Young
Sports Prefects Chiara Ma and Annabel Saggers
Student Representative Council Prefect Madeleine Murray
Athens House Prefect
Amelia Penrose
Corinth House Prefect Lucy Iffla
Olympia House Prefect Georgia Murrell
Rome House Prefect Sacha Furtado
Sparta House Prefect Grace Briffa
Troy House Prefect Mimi Gregg

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) Prefect has the backing of the SRC which comprises three or four elected representatives from Years 6-12. It is the body through which all of our girls can have input into governance and decision making on matters related to students. Its aims are;

The aims of the SRC, hence the role of the SRC members, are:

  • To make recommendations on matters which affect student activities
  • To provide the ultimate forum for student opinion, enabling the SRC to make suggestions on behalf of the girls and in the best interests of the College
  • To act as a co-ordinating body for groups involved in co-curricular activities
  • To form sub-committees to deal with particular aspects of school activities
  • To raise students' awareness of College Colours
  • To contribute to the welcoming and smooth transitioning of girls new to the College.

Matters raised through the SRC are discussed with the Deputy Principal, who may in turn consult with the Principal and the Deans of Education or other staff as appropriate. Other staff may be invited to attend meetings to discuss or respond to a specific item or issue.

The SRC meets fortnightly during term.



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