Our Leadership structure ensures there are clear, concise and shared goals across the College. Our Council oversees the governance of the School; our College Leadership Team is responsible for the planning, strategic direction and management of the School; and our Student Leadership takes on the responsibility of representing our girls at the highest level.

Leadership Structure

​College Council

The MLC Council is the governing body of the College, vested by the Uniting Church Synod.

The Council is responsible for providing a broad and balanced high quality education in an environment consistent with the values and ethos of the Church.

Council Members are appointed based on their expertise, qualifications and experience to enhance business and affairs, as well as ensure compliance.

Our Principal, Ms Rebecca Clarke, is delegated the responsibility to lead MLC. She works closely with Council to deliver the intent of school's Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Plan.

Meet our College Council

College Leadership Team

Our College Leadership Team (CLT) ensures that all areas of the School have the same aspirations and work together to achieve common strategic goals. It reviews all policies, procedures and processes aligning them with our Vision, Mission and Values.

Meet our College Leadership Team

Student Leadership

Girls in charge

The development of leadership begins when our students are young and is nurtured as part of their learning journey. Every girl is encouraged to imagine, motivate and lead change.

Our explicit leadership curriculum encourages the development of lifelong skills by building our girls' confidence and their capacities to make positive contributions to their communities, as well as enhancing their employability skills for the future.

Our Kindergarten to Year 6 girls take responsibility in roles that include the Student Representative Council, College Houses and Assemblies.

Throughout the Senior Years, leadership opportunities expand, and include roles as Sports Team Captains, Coaches and Music Ensemble Leaders as well as the College Prefecture and Student Leadership Committee. Reflection upon these early experiences, guided by their mentors in a safe and supportive environment, helps to shape and refine their developing leadership skills.

Our Student Leaders

Leadership's Guiding Themes

The MLC community is unified under two guiding themes each year; the Principal's annual theme and our Prefects' theme. Listen in to this podcast episode to hear Principal Dr Perry and Head and Deputy Head Prefects Jemeeka and Ruby announce speak about this year's themes.

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