Towards 2025

Principal Cody introduces MLC's new strategic horizon…

Towards 2025 is MLC's focused Strategic Plan for improvement. Its formation has been a collaborative process of reassessing our position and considering the College's next stage of development. Set over a century ago, the foundation principle and inspiration remains our College Motto – Per Ardua Ad Alta; through striving to the heights. Implicit in our Motto is an unwavering commitment to improvement accompanying a healthy competitive spirit.

Aims of Towards 2025

Towards 2025 has been shaped to:

  1. Reimagine MLC following its period of rejuvenation.
  2. Redefine the notion of learner, teacher and curriculum within the context of best practice research and preparedness for 2025 and beyond

To achieve this, our new Vision, Mission and Values express Towards 2025's overarching principles.

Towards 2025's
Vision, Mission
and Values

Our Vision
An international leader of holistic learning and teaching.

Our Mission
Mentoring motivated learners to choose purposeful futures.

Our Values
Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice.

In living our Vision, Mission and Values, four key results areas (Our Students, Our People, Our Resources and Our Community) and eight Strategic Priorities become our committed focus.

Our Priorities

  1. Energising and equipping girls to lead.
  2. Embedding a buoyant culture.
  3. Evidence-based decision making to inform professional practice.
  4. Enabling and developing highly accomplished staff.
  5. Ambitious governance and planning.
  6. Perpetual flourishing.
  7. Global connectedness that celebrates diversity and wisdom.
  8. Community engagement and education.

Our Priorities are realised through the delivery of 30 Strategic Projects which will be fulfilled throughout the next 10 years. Details regarding our projects are provided during our regular Advantage Mornings and Admissions Tours.

By remaining focussed on these eight strategic priorities MLC will be at the forefront of excellence in education.

Unpacking the
Vision, Mission
and Values

The New Vision – an international leader of holistic learning and teaching

Our School's educational philosophy is based on the principles of holistic wellbeing. These principles are fundamental to the education we offer and are interlinked with our Mission and Values as defining features of an MLC learner.

College staff are vitally committed to the growth and development of the whole person. Both curricular and co-curricular programmes offer opportunities for a balanced agenda of activities that develop the moral, cognitive, emotional, cultural, social, physical, and spiritual dimensions of each learner.

The New Mission – mentoring motivated learners to choose purposeful futures

At MLC we recognise that education must be addressed to each girl as an individual. This venture is cooperative; we share our responsibilities with the students and their families, alongside members of the wider community.

In doing so, we enable structured partnerships with each learner focusing on:

  • Optimising their potential;
  • Developing skills;
  • Improving performance; and
  • Achieving goals.

The manner adopted to facilitate such growth carefully interplays between expert guidance, age-appropriate support, and explicit encouragement. We hold to these defining features of a mentoring relationship.

Ultimately, our mentoring partnerships, built on trusting relationships, equip girls and young women to make informed choices that positively influence their futures and those of others.

The New Values – Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice

The College's core Values are underpinned by the teachings of the Uniting Church's National Education Charter (2002) and reflect the Government's Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools (2005).

Our Values set expectations and provide meaning to our work and interactions within and beyond the MLC community.


Seek truth

  • Act ethically
  • Be consistent and trustworthy between words and deeds
  • Be accountable for personal, social and civic choices
  • Demonstrate respect for self, others and the environment


Seek expertise

  • Strive
  • Show commitment
  • Pursue competence
  • Make the most of individual gifts
  • Meet and overcome challenges


Seek resourcefulness.

  • Use your imagination to create with new skills
  • Find better ways leading to innovative outcomes
  • Generate solutions to shape a better future


Seek fairness

  • Care about each other
  • Enjoy and enable the privileges of citizenship
  • Stand up for the rights of others

Towards 2025 represents a significant transition for our College. It is a reimagining of the defining features of learning and teaching at MLC and, as such, better positions the school for the future. Without a doubt, the best is yet to come…