Travelling to and from MLC

Our campus is located in the heart of the vibrant Perth suburb of Claremont. Bordered by Christ Church Grammar School and the Swan River, we are on the corner of Stirling Highway and Corry Lynn Road.

There are a numerous options to explore when planning your journey to School, however, we encourage our girls to walk, cycle or take public transport, where appropriate.

Drop-off and
Pick-up Areas
and Parking

There are two major entry points to the College for parents dropping off their children. 

Parents of all students are encouraged to enter the College from Stirling Highway to drop their children in the carpark adjacent to Hadley Hall. There is also a larger car park in front of the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre which can be utilised.

The second access point is via Corry Lynn Road which is available as a drop off or pick up point for students from Years 5–12. It is likely that students finishing classes at 3.30pm will not arrive at Corry Lynn Road for pickup until around 3.40pm. It is illegal to park along the street and verges during peak times on Corry Lynn Road and the surrounding streets, except in marked bays.

There is limited parking available in all areas of the College so car-pooling is encouraged whenever possible. 

Smartrider Card

A MLC customised version of the Perth Transit Authority's Student SmartRider is issued to each student.

These are also used as a College Library card and a My Student Account card, as well as a student concession card.

Community Buses

Four MLC/Christ Church Grammar School Community Buses will pick up and drop off students from the Floreat, Nedlands, Shenton Park, Subiaco and Karrinyup areas as well as the southern suburbs.

Floreat Shuttle

The Floreat shuttle is a Buswest bus with a MLC/Christ Church Grammar School sign in the window. This bus will drop students directly outside MLC, on the College side of the road. After school, the bus will pick students up from Stirling Highway, opposite MLC, at 3.45pm. Students will be required to walk across the overpass to reach the bus stop. 

Morning Timetable

Pick Up Shuttle 1 Shuttle 2
Howtree Place outside Floreat Forum
6.40am 7.45am
MLC Stirling Highway 6.55am 8am

Afternoon Timetable 

Drop offShuttle 1
MLC Stirling Highway East Bound Bus Stop3.45pm
Howtree Place outside of Floreat Forum

Karrinyup Route

The Karrinyup shuttle is a Buswest bus with a MLC/Christ Church Grammar School sign in the window. The first pick up will begin at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. This bus will drop students directly outside MLC, on the College side of the road. 

Morning Timetable

Pick upShuttle 1
Karrinyup Shopping Centre outside BP Petrol Station7.25am
Weaponess Road after Doric Street 7.35am
Stop ID 19323 Hale Road after Weaponess Road7.42am
Stop ID 17433 The Boulevard opposite Shopping Centre7.46am
Cambridge Street opposite Cambridge Forum7.53am
Stop ID 16928 Hay Street after Jersey Street 7.58am
Stop ID 19446 before Bendat Basketball Stadium8.04am
Stop ID 10405 MLC Stirling Highway 8.15am

Afternoon Timetable

Drop off Shuttle 1
Christ Church - Queenslea Drive3.45pm
Stop ID 19448 Underwood Avenue after Perry Lake Drive
Stop ID 16933 Hay Street before Jersey Street
Cambridge Street opposite Floreat Forum 
Stop ID 17432 The Boulevard opposite Shopping Centre
Hale Road after Bournemouth Crescent 
Weaponess Road 
Karrinyup Shopping Centre 

Nedlands/Subiaco/Shenton Park Route

This is a Buswest bus with a MLC/Christ Church Grammar School sign in the window. This bus will drop students to Queenslea Drive outside Christ Church Grammar School.

Morning Timetable

Pick Up Shuttle 1 Shuttle 2
Stop ID 17516 - Hamersley Road after Rupert Street 6.30am 7.35am
Stop ID 17409 - Nicholson Road after Henry Street 6.33am 7.38am
Stop ID 17539 - Derby Road before Keightley Road 6.35am 7.41am
Stop ID 17385 - Monash Avenue after Kanimbla Road 6.40am 7.46am
Stop ID 17390 - Hampden Road before Hardy Road 6.41am 7.47am
Stop ID 17599 - Bruce Street before Melvista Avenue 6.47am 7.55am
Corner of Princess Road and Thomas Street 6.49am 7.57am
Stop ID 17614 - Princess Road after Bostock Road 6.51am 7.59am
Christ Church - Queenslea Drive 6.55am 8.05am

Afternoon Timetable

Drop Off Shuttle 1 Shuttle 2
Christ Church - Queenslea Drive 3.50pm 4.40pm
Stop ID 17622 – Princess Road Before Waroonga Road 3.55pm 4.45pm
Corner of Princess Road and Thomas Street 3.58pm 4.48pm
Stop ID 17599 – Before Melvista Avenue 4pm 4.50pm
Stop ID 17389 - Monash Avenue after Kanimbla Road 4.10pm 5pm
Stop ID 17544 – Derby Road before Keightley Road 4.20pm 5.05pm
Stop ID 10103 – Rokeby Road after Hamersley Road 4.25pm 5.10pm

Tickets for theses buses are available to purchase from the Uniform Shop at a cost of $10 for 20.

Southern Suburbs Bus 

MLC and Christ Church Grammar School also provide a bus service for our students living in the southern suburbs. 


Siblings of MLC and Christ Church Grammar School students from other schools are also able to use both of these bus services if they purchase tickets.

Tickets are available from the MLC Uniform Shop at a cost of $44 for 20.

Transperth Services


By Train

Trains run regularly throughout the day to Claremont station which is on the Fremantle line. Our girls walk from the station to the campus in about 10 minutes.

Girls travelling on the Midland, Joondalup, Armadale or Mandurah lines can connect with this service at the Perth city station.

By Bus

Transperth is the government provider of bus services in the metropolitan area. It provides special school bus services throughout the WA Education Department school terms to and from our campus. These terms may differ slightly from the MLC school term.

As we are conveniently located on Stirling Highway, numerous public bus services also stop outside of the campus.

Note that this service is term-time only and runs to coincide with WA Education Department term dates, which may differ from MLC term dates:

Special buses link with some train services, running between Claremont Railway Station and the College on school days.

For more information, go to the Transperth website:

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