Breaking down barriers for peace

Wednesday, 06 April 2016

In an exercise of understanding, cultural barriers were demolished when girls from the Australian Islamic College spent a day at Methodist Ladies’ College.

The 11 teenagers, from the school in the northern Perth suburb of Dianella, spent the day with their hosts discovering that they were more similar than different.

MLC Principal Rebecca Cody also met with AIC’s Principal Wahaj Tarin. She said the relationship between the two schools gives the students the opportunity to move beyond stereotypes.

“I think that all great schools learn from each other, so this is merely an example of a learning conversation between two schools, and it’s also an opportunity for our girls and Mr Tarin’s girls to seek to understand each other,” Ms Cody said.

“I think if we seek to understand each other then we have a greater likelihood of developing a world of peace.”

MLC students will spend a day at the Australian Islamic College in September

Breaking down barriers for peace