Friday, 21 August 2015

Year 12 Visual Arts student Emma Williamson's artwork has been awarded first prize in an annual exhibition at Perth Central TAFE entitled, Metamorphosis.

Emma's unique ink stippling piece took first prize for a 2D work at the exhibition which is a showcase of innovative, exploratory and exciting creative works created by Western Australian Year 11 and 12 students.

"This piece is an achromatic ink stippling drawing, inspired by Brandon Stanton's photo-diaristic collection 'Humans of New York'. Adopting a similar process, I conversed with and photographed strangers, exploring the relationship we have with ourselves based on our insecurities and anxieties," Emma says.

"My own uncertainties have led me to console myself by accepting human insignificance. The stippling technique is reminiscent of our crudely simplified perception of the universe. Rather than adopting a nihilistic view, my piece attempts to offer reassurance that human life is both magnificent and miniscule. Your body is the only piece of the universe you have been given."

The Exhibition continues until Friday 4 September at Perth Central TAFE, 12 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge.