Our girls make their mark on the world

Friday, 01 May 2015

Junior, Middle and Senior Years' girls lent their hands to the Social Services Executive to make their mark on the world.

This unique picture was created with thumbprints from girls across the College on Harmony Day. Each girl dipped her thumb in either green or blue paint and placed it inside an illustration by Year 12 Art student, Emma Gillies.

Around the world are handprints representing the night sky.

"It's all about making a mark on the world and getting the girls to do their little bit to improve our world," said Social Services Prefect Hannah Smith.

The painting, What a Wonderful World, has been gifted to the Chapel.

"I love that this picture is personal yet global," said College Chaplain, the Reverend Hollis Wilson.

"We want the girls to know that every small deed connects to another, and can make a beautiful picture."

This is the first year that the Social Services Executive have done a multi-year artwork. Social Services Prefect, Dana Throssell hopes it is the start of a new tradition.

"We wanted to do an art work where the whole school could work together because we do a lot of fundraising but we didn't want people to bring in money every day," Dana said.

"We wanted something to remain to show what we've done, and to get everyone involved."