Monday, 18 May 2015

More than 200 girls from Methodist Ladies' College competed in the week-long Fremantle Eisteddfod.

The competition got off to a rousing success when the MLC Combined Choir won first place in Choir Recital Under 11 section. Under the direction of Mrs Helen Beaton and Ms Katie Hodson, the choir is the recipient of the Christy Pritchard Memorial Shield.

MLC Cantabile enjoyed second place in the Choir Recital Under 15, under the direction of Ms Carole Macintyre, who also directed the MLC Barbershop in the Choir Recital Under 18.

MLC Chorale, directed by MLC's Director of Music, Dr Robert Faulkner, was awarded a second place in the Choir Recital – Open, and third place (Credit) in the Choir Recital – Under 18.

"The performances were acknowledged by the adjudicator as being made up of exceptionally demanding repertoire requiring highly advanced vocal skills," Dr Faulkner said of Chorale.

"It was delightful to see so many MLC parents and friends at Fremantle Town Hall to support the girls.

"Congratulations to all the 200 MLC choristers that participated in the Festival this year," he said.

Girls from the College have also enjoyed great success in chamber music ensembles. They are:

Nuovo Piano Trio – Olivia Bartlett, Tess Blythe and Jaslyn Woo – Year 9
First – String Ensemble Under 18

Jane and Kate Zhao – Year 9 and 7 (as part of the Zhao Family Trio)
First – String Ensemble Under 18

Dolce Quartet – Hannah Hippisley, Sophie Cullingford, Emily Song and Elena Wittkuhn – Year 9
Second – String Ensemble Under 18

Piano Trio – Lydia Dutton, Celine Ng and Kate Zhao – Year 7
First Place – String Ensemble Under 13

"Developing chamber music has been a key priority for the Department this year, and it is a joy to see this bearing fruit in wonderful performances at the Eisteddfod," Dr Falkner said.

Soloists have also taken centre stage in Fremantle. They include:

Lydia Dutton – Year 7, Piano

Second – Romantic Solo Piano 12 and Under

Hannah Hippisley – Year 9
Second – Classical Voice Under 15

Christine Jang – Year 8
Third (Credit) – Piano Solo

Alexis Loong – Year 3, Violin
First Place – String Solo Under 8
Second Place – String Solo Grade 2

Celine Ng – Year 7, Violin
Second – Under 13 String Solo
Second – Under 15 String Recital

Ciara Sudlow – Year 11, Violin
Second – Under 18 String Recital

Hannah Wang – Year 2

Third – String Solo Fifth Grade Violin

Second – Under 11 Piano

Hana Yusoff – Year 6, Violin
First – String Solo Under 11 First – String Ensemble Under 11
Credit – Sixth Grade Solo

Yaashinii Vasudavan – Pre-Primary
Second place Under 8 piano solo

Supapit Suk-Udom - Year 3
First place - grade 1 piano

Yuchen Chan - Year 3
Second place - under 8 piano solo
Credit - grade 2 piano

Christine Jang Y8
Second Place - Piano Solo Romantic U/18

Hannah Wang - Y2 - Piano
Fourth Place - Under 15 Concerto

Hannah Wang Year 2 - Piano
Second Place in the Under 11 Piano Solo