Dressing for Less to give to refugees

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The sight of the lifeless body of a three-year-old Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach so shocked Year 11 student Jonica Stick, that she decided to do something to help the plight of refugees.

While discussing her plans for the ball with her mother, the confronting image flashed on Jonica's television screen, and gave her a new perspective on life.

Instead of spending $500 to look her best at the ball, Jonica has decided to borrow a dress and ask her family to help with her hair and makeup for the night. The money will go towards Jonica's dressless4refugees campaign that she has started via Oxfam. She is encouraging girls to borrow, hire or buy a second-hand dress to wear to the ball, and to donate any change out of $500 via her Oxfam page.

Jonica hopes to raise just over $5,000.

She doesn't know how she will get to the most anticipated social night for Year 12 girls, but she doesn't plan on hiring a limousine. While being filmed for a Channel 10 News item, Jonica and her friends discussed taking a Transperth bus so they could donate even more.

Watch the Channel 10 news item here.