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Lucy Nippierd



I love nurturing the Year 6 girls to be prepared for the journey ahead of them in Years 7–12. Recently, I have been inspired by the book, ‘The Resilience Project’ by Hugh van Cuylenburg, to encourage the girls to focus on three important aspects: gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, in their daily lives. We regularly say what we are grateful for, have brainstormed how to help someone who needs our empathy, and we take time to be mindful. Watching the girls practice using a growth mindset and role modelling positive behaviours to the rest of the girls in Kindergarten–Year 6 is what brings me joy every day.

Having small class sizes really helps me get to know each student in terms of how they learn, their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. I use this knowledge to create a distinctly positive and successful learning journey for all students in my class. When I was in secondary school myself, I did some external night classes in a primary school and I still remember the moment when I realised it was to be my vocation. Ever since then I have held on to that feeling and used it to get me to where I am today.




2 November 2022