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Introducing our Reimagined Initiative


At MLC we don’t want to mould students to fit a certain pathway, instead we want to create an environment which encourages self-reflection and uniqueness. This guiding principle has led us to an exciting new partnership.

In 2021, our Year 10 students will be taking part in Reimaged, a programme created by Purposeful, which is a social enterprise helping young people to form meaningful pathways. The programme will allow students to explore their passions, vision, values and purpose so they have greater agency in making important decisions about their future life and careers. They will become active curators of their careers, rather than passive acceptors of traditional thinking and pathways – a skill that is essential to thriving and finding meaning in the future of work.

Purposeful founder Elizabeth Knight is passionate about giving young people the opportunity to reflect on what drives and inspires them. She has created Reimaged to facilitate a space where students can think freely about their future career aspirations.

At the end of the 10-week programme, each student will graduate with a digital credential, known as her ‘Blueprint’. This Blueprint will be a map for her future, a time capsule of her exploration to be used as a tool for sharing her authentic self with the world.

The programme will culminate in a virtual festival, an expo of the students’ journeys to meaningfully integrate all stakeholders, including parents, to help them bring their vision to life beyond the programme.

When talking with MLC Collegian and Purposeful ambassador, Georgie Carey, about the programme, she said:

“As an MLC girl, you have a world of opportunity at your feet. I think we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to conform to what we think is expected of us without really stopping to think about what’s important to us. That’s why programmes like Purposeful are so important for helping students to decide what a fulfilling career journey might look like for them.”

This partnership is an example of how our students are able to become involved in opportunities that put them at the forefront of innovative learning practices. We believe that by giving our students the tools to forge into the unknown, we are enabling them to find meaning and direction in life beyond school. It will be exciting to see the positive impact that this new initiative has on our students at MLC in 2021.




18 February 2021