Outdoor Satellite PA System

There are three main components to the Outdoor Satellite PA System briefly outlined below;

1. The Great Court PA System.

Permanent installation of equipment on the Great Court to facilitate local music playback and small band performances. This component includes labour for MLC staff to carefully route conduit under the tree roots to their various destinations to allow connectivity to MLC’s Fibre network. 

$23,455 + GST

Our Venue Manager, Mr Doug Hounslow, adds “items two and three are optional but highly desirable”.

2. The Connection of the Great Court to the rest of the College via Fibre.

This is the installation and termination of a fibre cable from the Meredith Taylor Health and Sports Centre to the Great Court PA system. This facilitates the PA system to be connected into the College’s Internal Messaging System (Evacuation/Lockdown), as well as connectivity to future outdoor audio sites.

$3,600 +GST

3. Management/control software and hardware to interface between the PA System and the College’s Internal Messaging System.

$2200 +GST