Rika Whelan


Rika Whelan Resized

Director of the Early Learning Centre (ELC) and Out-of-School-Hours Care

I love the sense of community at MLC. This role has allowed me to use knowledge I’ve gained during the last 15 years to support the children in our care. As a mum of three, I knew I could offer families support on a different level. The ELC is a safe haven for families to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

I was so excited to be able to travel to Reggio Emilia in Italy recently to attend professional development about the educational philosophy of the schools in the town. A few things that stood out for me were that the children learn through collaborative projects and the centres focus on using ‘loose parts’ such as recycled materials and items from nature so children can use their imagination to create. The most remarkable thing I observed was the sense of community and everyone’s involvement in the children’s learning in the town, which is something we focus on in the ELC.