Sue Shaw (Knight)

1969 Collegian

Sue Shaw (Knight): centre

When I joined MLC as a staff member it was as a school psychologist with the added portfolio of organising career education and work experience for the students.

My background was as a personnel officer for Hamersley Iron, recruiting for the company's graduate, apprenticeship and traineeship programmes, and assisting with advice on career pathways for the children of company employees. This experience sparked off my interest in career development.

During my career break to have children I completed my teaching and psychology degrees, and it was during the practicum for my psychology degree that a part-time job came up at MLC working with Jill Lawson who was the Senior Counsellor for many years.

I am now Head of Counselling and Careers, and am passionate about both the job and the College.

During my time at MLC, the career landscape has changed dramatically and with it my increasing interest in assisting students to develop competencies and self-awareness that will enable them to make empowering life, learning and work choices.

To this end, 15 years ago I implemented the INSTEP programme to cater for students who benefit from undertaking part of their learning in the workplace.

Former MLC Principal Margaret Nadebaum was very forward thinking and supportive when I wanted to look outside the square and introduce the programme.

We have expanded the career programme at the College to the point where it is now a course of study completed by all students in Year 10 and also runs through the tutorial programme as one of the key themes.

I am proud of the programme we run at the College, which involves not only students but parents, staff and community members.

Having left school in a time when the choices for women were perceived as being quite limited, it is very important to me to raise awareness of the wide range of wonderful opportunities available.

On MLC:My memories include the sense of belonging to a community, lunch on the lawn with friends, the interesting teachers, decorating Bosisto Hall for the Year 12 Dance, performing in a school production, doing House swimming and diving and signing each others' hats and walking out the main gate at the end of Year 12 ready for the next adventure.