Lisette Rooney


Lisette Rooney

Junior Years' teacher

Nothing can beat the day a Pre-Primary child discovers they can actually read without trying. Suddenly they find that all these letters around them are actually words that in fact hold meaning, and they have just found the key to this incredible treasure. The bewilderment and contagious excitement is uncontainable! It is a privilege to teach each of my girls to read, write and count beyond 20 for the first time. It’s wonderful to know that they have learnt these foundational skills with me which will set them up for success and a life-long love of learning.

Watching Year 1s present at their first assembly is a magical moment. It’s especially precious with girls who have begun the year believing that standing on stage was not a possibility for them and through developing their self-belief and mindset they embrace this opportunity. Seeing them at the microphone in front of hundreds is an exceptional moment to be part of.

Having the river at our doorstep means we schedule visits as part of our timetable. Learning and teaching is not limited to the four walls of our classroom and we consider the river and learning through nature as an extension of our classroom. The girls embrace open play and explore the riverbanks, discover what sinks or floats, what lives in the river, how to make the biggest splash or the furthest throw. They love these boundless opportunities to explore, discover, question and investigate. This play drives inquiries that develop and extend their knowledge of the world, their environment and the role they play as custodians of this land.

Outside of the school the girls discover their community through excursions to our vet, dentist, doctor, library, hardware store and post office. In addition, they also have frequent playdates with our Christ Church Grammar School Pre-Primary friends whether it be at each other’s playgrounds, during swimming lessons or at the river. These playdates help the girls to develop long lasting friendships. 

My students thrive on opportunities to learn and connect through experience such as regular cooking in the class, mindfulness moments, yoga, cultural events, embracing the meaning of virtues, giving compliments to our ‘supergirl’ of the week, and news sharing that allows every one of our girls to share what makes them unique. I strive to ensure that every girl shines and is valued for all that she is. 

Recently, my colleague Belinda Bath and I were approached to present on our experience of delivering Early Years’ Education during COVID-19 - The COVID Advantage. We presented this to IPSHA, UWA and also recently had an article on the experience published in Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia.

Coming from a family of seven girls and having had four children myself, I knew I was meant for a career of teaching young children to be their best. I am driven by my passion and innate life-long love of learning. I also understand the importance of sisterhood and having encouraging women and friends around.

Empowering young children to reach their individual potential is my absolute passion and my daily driver to get out of bed as the sun rises and to consider as the sun sets. Though, before gaining my Masters in Early Childhood teaching, I worked in Europe in product development and global business marketing for Gillette and Leapfrog.

My philosophy is to use humour and positivity to learn from mistakes which is profoundly more successful than using negativity and seriousness. Life is about embracing opportunities to look ahead and make a difference where you can.