Amanda Robertson


Amanda Robertson Resized

Head of Year and Health and Physical Education Teacher

I had some incredible teachers who really believed in me when I was at school. They taught me that there is so much more than simply teaching the curriculum. They weren’t just adults who stood up in the front of class and delivered the course content, some were my sports coaches, leaders in their chosen field or pioneers for different campaigns and activities. It was my teachers who helped me gain self-confidence and self-belief that I was in charge of my own learning journey. I wanted to be a teacher so I could give back to students what my teachers gave to me.

When the opportunity to teach the Inclusive Learning Centre girls came up a few years ago I jumped at it. They are such a wonderful and unique part of MLC. My youngest brother has special needs and he attended a special needs school in Hong Kong. My family is a huge part of my life and I’m extremely close to them, however being away from them often makes me feel a little guilty as I can’t help my brother out. Working with the girls in the Inclusive Learning Centre reminds me that we each have a special gift and with the right support everyone can have a go and reach their potential.