​Qing Qing Tepper

Current Student

MLC Student ​Qing Qing Tepper

Qing Qing Tepper loves dogs so it was only natural that when she had to think of her Year 6 challenge for Community Service her four-legged friends were on the agenda.

"I wanted to help unwanted dogs at the dog refuge but because I was not 18-years-old I could not work there as a volunteer, so I decided to raise money for the dogs instead," Qing Qing said.

"I baked over 450 dog treats and put them in plastic packets with a little poster of some of my favourite dogs. I printed a list of ingredients on the back of each poster."

Qing Qing enlisted the help of her friends Eliza Pritchard, Pip Whiting, Britney De Silva, Maggie Maloney, Deme Vitsas, Alexia Fassetta, Sienna Murie and Robyn Maynard-Brewer to help sell them to enthusiastic dog lovers at MLC.

Isabella Croft from Year 2 bought two packs of the dog treats, which her puppy, Billie, loved.

"Billie came from Shenton Park so it's really important to help all the dogs there because there are so many that don't have a home. I think Qing Qing did a great thing," Isabella said.

To support Qing Qing, some girls who don't have a dog bought the treats and gave them to friends.

"Ms (Louise) Kennedy bought lots for her dogs," Qing Qing said. "We raised $306.65 and I donated the money to Shenton Park Dogs' Refuge Home. They were very happy.

"Thanks everybody for supporting me and helping these dogs."