Vanessa Pittorini


Vanessa Pittorini

Science teacher

I chose the teaching vocation because I am passionate about the power of a holistic education. Teaching allows me to be creative and innovative while imparting knowledge and building resilience in young people. There is no better feeling than seeing a student discover and develop their talents. 

At MLC the Mentor-Mentee Time is special to me. I look forward to seeing the smiles of my Mentor group each morning. It allows us to build relationships outside of the classroom and share a few moments of laughter together before beginning our day. You can usually find us (or hear us) dancing and singing to a Just Dance video.

My favourite part of teaching is igniting a passion for learning in young people. I am able to positively impact students and show them that learning can be fun and engaging. No day is ever the same!”

Fun Fact: Vanessa won the Australian Karate National Championship for her age group at nine years of age